May 19, 2016

Poetic License Distillery

Here's To The Wild Spirits

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I love how gin and whisky distillers name their stills. The Poetic License Distillery in Sunderland has the beautiful ‘Gracie’ as their 500l still.

“Gracie – The name we affectionately gave our still. She’s a 500 litre hybrid which allows us to use her as both a pot still and a column still. Pot distilling is the traditional method and how gin has always been made, where all botanicals are macerated in the pot and then boiled. Column stills are a newer invention; Gracie’s column has 6 plates which purify the alcohol meaning we can make pure, smooth vodkas. In short, Gracie has the best of both worlds so we can use her to create all manner of tasty tipples.”

Grace produces just three spirits at present – Northern Dry Gin, Graceful Vodka and a sweeter, Old Tom Gin. They were launched late last year (2015) and have acquired some notable awards already. They are looking at producing a dark and white rum and an absinthe in the coming months but current output runs to 400 bottles per batch, with the distillery hoping to produce one batch per week in the coming year.

They have just announced that the Aqua Shard – a killer bar I still haven’t managed to get to – will be the first London stockist for Poetic License, but you can buy online via Master of Malt and via this website. Individual bottles retail for £32.50 but a mini pack of all three products in 20cl bottles is £35.

Poetic License Distillery - the gin, Old Tom Gin and the vodka

Poetic License Distillery – product range

The Northern Dry Gin has ‘undertones of lemon and eucalyptus’ is recommended for the sweet and bitter flavours of a Negroni and the sharp citrusy flavours of a Gin Sour. A G&T should be garnished with a slither of pink grapefruit. The Old Tom Gin, has a sweeter and more peppery taste than the peppery Northern. It won Gin of The Year at the Craft Distilling Expo 2015. Its more delicate in flavour so bolder flavours such as anise, juniper and clove could mask its subtle rose edge in cocktails. For the Graceful Vodka, they suggest avoiding mixers with high acidity so it ‘doesn’t lose its cosy warmth’. A Vodka Martini with decent Vermouth would be about right.

Poetic License Distillery – Poetic License Old Tom Gin and Ginger

60ml Old Tom Gin poured over ice
top up with Fever Tree Ginger Ale
garnish with red apple and a cinnamon stick

Poetic License Distillery – Poetic License Vodka and Cherry Soda

50ml Graceful Vodka
squeeze of lemon juice
splash of vanilla syrup (or simple syrup)
1 dash of Angostura Bitters
Cherry Soda (American Classics Black Cherry Soda available from Ocado)
Stir first four ingredients with ice and top up to taste with the Cherry Soda

Poetic License Distillery range - Dry Gin, Old Tom Gin and Vodka

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  1. One can definitely appreciate the thought and design that go into alcoholic beverages these days. Quaint!

  2. Meeta June 15, 2016

    I agree with Michelle – things in the food and beverage industry has changed so much and with products like this one can see it’s for the better.

  3. I like a gin, as you know…., these bottles are looking very tempting R


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