January 2, 2017

Press for Gin The Best Gin Bar Ever

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Press for Gin – The best gin bar ever? For gin lovers, it’s the stuff that dreams are made of. There’s a button inviting you to ‘Press for Gin’ and, as if by magic, you are whisked through an apparently solid wall into a fantasy bar where a magician creates especially for you a perfect serve Brockmans Gin & Tonic.

“Brockmans built a pop-up gin bar and invited members of the public to come along and enjoy a drink. Unbeknownst to them, they had created a secret world hidden behind a fake wall in the bar.
Bob Fowkes, co-Founder and Marketing Director of Brockmans said: “Our unsuspecting guests were seated in a booth, where suddenly a ‘Press for Gin’ button appears. When they pressed the button, the entire booth disappeared through the wall and into a secret world where our guests were served their gin in a most unexpected way. We filmed the whole thing and got some great footage of their reactions”.

Brockmans is often described as the ‘gin like no other’ because of its combination of botanicals which include blueberry, blackberry and bitter-sweet Valencian orange peel notes. It is packaged in a stylish and tactile black glass bottle.”

Video: Press for Gin The Best Gin Bar Ever

The cocktail.collection Instagram feed has two cocktails featuring Brockmans – Gin Alexander and The Alaska.

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