February 8, 2013

Red Obsession

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A new documentary film Red Obsession by Warwick Ross & David Roach, is to premier in the upcoming Berlin Film Festival on February 14th. The film, narrated by Russell Crowe and featuring major players in the wine world brings new insight into the extraordinary consequences of China taking the Wine market by storm – as consumers, buyers and producers. The filmmakers take us on an inside journey from the most renowned ‘Châteaux’ of the Bordeaux region to Hong Kong, Beijing and the Chinese countryside, exploring the connection between the best wines in the world and the economic upheavals affecting both East and West. I’ve had a sneak preview, Red Obsession is fascinating. While they wouldn’t let me embed the whole film here (it is about an hour and a half in length) I have been given permission to showcase some preview clips… to wet your ravenous appetite…

Red Obsession - China and Bordeaux


Over centuries honing its craft and reputation, Bordeaux has achieved a mythical status as a symbol of wealth, power and influence. The culture, traditions and vintages of Bordeaux have been objects of desire for kings, emperors and dictators alike. But now something unprecedented is happening to Bordeaux – and that something is China. While the region’s prosperity has always been linked to the shifting fortunes of global economies, the terms of engagement with their new top customer are different from any Bordeaux has ever experienced. China’s demand for the best wines in the world has pushed prices to stratospheric levels and brought untold wealth to Bordeaux, but the Dragon’s voracious appetite for Bordeaux as a symbol of luxury and Western culture has shaken the French region’s age old traditions. Narrated by Russell Crowe and featuring the world’s most famous wine luminaries, RED OBSESSION takes us on a journey from Bordeaux to Beijing – from counterfeit bottles of Château Lafitte to the vines cropping up all over China, the film investigates the emergence of the Chinese not only as the world’s biggest wine consumers, but also potentially its biggest producers…”

Red Obsession – preview clips

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