June 16, 2014

Rosé d’Anjou Urban Style

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What is the usual portrayal of rosé drinking in the summer? Pool-side lounging, the clatter of ice as the wine bottle is removed from the chiller, a trickle of condensation, a buzz of a bee, the rustle of beech leaves (or palm trees is going fully international) but scrub that – here is my take.

Lets go urban, lets go scorchingly hot, melting tarmac, sweat, grit, graffiti, the clatter – not of ice – but of dustbins, the short-tempered blast of car horns… themselves all wondrously quenched by a large glass of rosé. Specifically Rosé d’Anjou (seeing as they sponsored a recent event in deepest Shoreditch).

It is hot so we might have to allow that trickle of moisture down the side of the bottle and one or two ice cubes – because urbanites just want to be cool. As hot day slips into sultry evening, the lights come on, friends come round to catch the sounds of the city from a roof top or balcony. We chill out. We relax.

Photo Gallery: Rosé d’Anjou Urban Style

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