November 21, 2007

Sauvignon Blanc and Cheese

By Andrew Barrow In Food and Wine

Cornish Brie

There are going to be detractors of course but really the ONLY wine to have with cheese is a decent Sauvignon Blanc. I’m not fussed if it is a pungent, passion fruit laced, bottle from New Zealand, a more minerally, gooseberry led wine from the Loire or a pea-green version from Chile – as long as it’s a Sauvignon Blanc with high acidity it is going be marvellous with cheese.

Not all cheeses admittedly. But most.

The high fat content of cheese needs a wine with high acidity to cut through and balance the flavour sensations. One of the best ‘rules’ to follow is eat local – drink local. So cheeses from the Loire should marry well with wines from the same region. While other wine and cheese combinations are superb (Munster and Gewürztraminer, Manchego with Rioja, Cheddar with a Cabernet Sauvignon, Stilton or Roquefort with a Sauternes) for a wine to cover a mixed cheese board you really cannot get better than a decent Sauvignon Blanc.

Sauvignon Blanc and Cheese:

  • Asiago – Italian cow’s milk cheese from the Veneto
  • Bougon – A goat`s milk camembert
  • Boursin – French spreadable cream cheese
  • Boucheron – French goats cheese
  • Brendon – A strong matured goats cheese from Exmoor, UK
  • Brie – French/English cow’s milk cheese
  • Camembert – French cow’s cheese
  • Caerphilly – Welsh cheese
  • Chaource – French double cream cow’s milk cheese
  • Chavignol – French goat’s cheese from the Loire
  • Cheddar – English cow’s milk cheese
  • Cheshire – English cow’s milk cheese
  • Chèvre – French goats cheese
  • Crottin – French goats cheese
  • Double Gloucester – English cow’s milk cheese
  • Emmenthal – Swiss cow’s milk cheese
  • Feta – Greek sheep’s mIlk cheese
  • Fontina – Italian cow’s milk
  • Garrotxa – Spanish goats cheese
  • Gruyere – Swiss cheese
  • Havarti – Danish cow’s Milk
  • Montasio – Italian cow’s milk cheese
  • Pecornio – Italian sheep’s milk cheese
  • Raclette – French or Swiss cow’s Milk
  • Reblochon – French cow’s Milk
  • Robiola – Italian goat’s milk cheese from Lombardy
  • Saint Andrews – Scottish cow’s Milk cheese
  • Taleggio – Italian cow’s milk cheese
  • Tetilla – Spanish cow’s Milk
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  1. Cru Master November 23, 2007

    didnt know there was a cheese in my namesake – Brendon!


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