April 17, 2007

Say Yes To A Full Pint – A CAMRA Petition

By Andrew Barrow In Articles
CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, has just released new research showing that a shocking 26.6% of pints served in pubs are short measure by more than 5%. This is costing consumers a whopping £1.3 million every single day.
Now I love a pint of Brakspears but one pub local to me, the one on the bridge, really annoys by serving short measures. I complained once and the barman’s retort of ‘They are always like that”, or words to that effect, made my blood boil!

CAMRA is taking its campaign for full pints straight to the top, by launching a national full pints petition addressed to the Prime Minister. Please add your name to our full pints petition at www.takeittothetop.co.uk. CAMRA has taken an advert in Monday 16th’s Guardian newspaper and another is planned for Friday 20th April. This is the first time in CAMRA’s history that we have placed campaign adverts in a national newspaper. Together we can put an end to short beer measures.

CAMRA's Say Yes Champaign
  1. Peter May April 17, 2007

    I don’t understand. Law says every glass has to be marked with the measure. There are trading standards oficers that prosecute those that give short measures, and any drinker knows they can demand a top up if given short measure.
    And what is the petition demanding? “requiring licensees to endeavor to serve a full pint everytime.”
    To “endeavor to” — what a spineless pointless statement — I’ll bet all barmen will say they already do so.
    If it said that all glasses must have a pint line mark and extend above that in order to hold the froth on the head of the pint, that’d make sense.
    But consumers have the answer — ask for top up, report them to trading standards or go to another pub.
    As I said — I can’t see the point. Seems to be self-promotion for CAMRA, positioning themselves as the consumers friend.

  2. Alex April 17, 2007

    Keep on complaining! Both the barman and his employer need educating!! Short pints are one of my pet hates and I either vote with my feet or ask for a top up!

  3. ryan April 18, 2007

    I have to be in England for a wedding next month. To survive the family and the wedding itself I know I’ll need to have a good pub! I only hope I don’t have to worry about being shorted on the pints i order. Every drop will be needed!


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