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secret wine

I never thought for a minute the numbers might be significant; unlike Lars of Sour Grapes who seemed to think they were a code to be decifered! (Which sounds a lot like cheating to me!)

Three bottles arrived the other day as part of a promotion 'game', Secret Wine, set-up by a French PR company. Each bottle was identical apart from the numbers - 079, 390 and 714... the idea being that the first blogger (of over 80 I think, spread across the globe) to correctly identify the wines gets a trip.

I duly opened all three. Pour out a sample of each. Noted that they all looked rather similar. Slurped on each in turn and realised I hadn't a sodding clue.

OK so assuming French as we were asked to identify the appellation. I ruled out Pinot Noir - none of the three had the right colour or aromas. Thought they were too rich and heavy to be from the Loire and didn't have the right structure or 'feel' to be from Bordeaux. Heading in the direction of the Languedoc and perhaps the Rhone another slurp or two. And then I think I got the samples mixed up. But, being just as confused as when I first started, I went on line to enter some 'randomish' guesses.

And then marvelled at the selections others had made. Ummm, Rhone... Gigondas... Corbieres... Rioja! No I don't think so. Oh, didn't think of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. No, I really don't think its going to be non-French...

I used to be so good at this blind tasting malarkey too. But my final choices were

714 Roussillon
390 Fitou
079 Pic St Loup

A little after submitting my (obviously poor) selections I did wonder if they were actually all from the same place, the same producer in fact as they all had a similarity, a 'house-style'...

An email has literally just arrived as I type this up. The organisers are comparing the exercise with the 1976 Judgment of Paris... oh, wonder who they will get to play me in the film...

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I almost took part in this little experiment but seemed like bit of a hassle. Better you then me!

Sounds most intriguing! Soooo??? What were the wines? Did you win the trip?! Do tell! :)

Russell Crowe??
Intriguing. So, if they compare to Judgement of Paris, does that mean there are some Californian wines in there? Look forward to hearing what they are now....

They are certainly all French. An email received today has basically said no one got it right so they are resetting the entries to let us all have another attempt. They also said they are not from the Languedoc; so that was me dead on the money then!

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