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Sesfikile Ladies

Ses’fikile Wines is owned and controlled by empowered women, three pioneering ex-school teachers actually, in one of the largest black townships, Khayelitsha, in the Western Cape.

Although they don’t own their own vineyards the wines are made in conjunction with the winemakers from the Flagstone winery.
Showing a distinct ‘estate’ character and an over-riding style, the wines come highly recommended. The style encapsulates a new-world level of sweet upfront fruit married with old-world structure – exactly what one should expect from a decent South African wine.

Ses’fikile ‘we have arrived’. These three words are built on a foundation of personal and communal struggle, yet they also look forward positively, with the hope of a better tomorrow. Most importantly the words sparkle with a sense of adventure. This is a pioneering exploration of new South African opportunity in one of our most glamorous and exciting industries.”

Other wines from Ses’Fikile are listed by Marks and Spencers.

White Wine Review/Tasting NoteWine Tasting Note: Ses’fikile Folklore Chardonnay, 2007, South Africa
Price: £8.99 [More on Adegga]
A delicious unoaked Chardonnay enlivened with a touch of Viognier (2%).
Scribblings Rating – 92/100 [4 out of 5]

White Wine Review/Tasting NoteWine Tasting Note: Ses’fikile Rainsong Chardonnay, 2007, South Africa
Stockist: Marks and Spencers Price: £6.99 [More on Adegga]
A Chardonnay with a small proportion fermented and aged in oak, giving a smooth, creamy palate. Pear and spice flavours abound.
Scribblings Rating – 94/100 [4.25 out of 5]

Red Wine Review/Tasting NoteWine Tasting Note: Ses’fikile Rainsong Pinotage, 2006, South Africa
Price: £7.19 [More on Adegga]
A fresh, juicy Pinotage. I love the idea of matching this, as they suggest, with Calves Liver with Bacon and Mustard Mash Potatoes. A touch of upfront sweetness initially that folds into a smoky, deep fruit whole.
Scribblings Rating – 88/100 [3.5 out of 5]

Red Wine Review/Tasting NoteWine Tasting Note: Ses’fikile Folklore Cabernet Franc-Cabernet Sauvignon, South Africa
Price: £8.99 [More on Adegga]
A blend of 65% Cabernet Franc and 35% Cabernet Sauvignon. Superb structure and deliciously drinkable. Alcohol 13.5%
Scribblings Rating – 88/100 [3.5 out of 5]

Red Wine Review/Tasting NoteWine Tasting Note: Ses’fikle Matriarch Shiraz Reserve, South Africa
Price: £18.19 [More on Adegga]
Excellent depth, good concentration and depth and a complexity of flavour that is quite captivating.
Scribblings Rating – 90/100 [3.75 out of 5]

With thanks to Cooksister for providing the two images, snapped at the recent London International Wine and Fair, where the wines were tasted.
Sesfikile Wines


  1. Jeanne says:

    Would it be appropriate for me to say “gorgeous photos”?! ;-)
    Brings back happy memories of a pleasant and increasingly hazy afternoon spent with you at the wine fair last month. These ladies impressed me no end with their wines and their attitude – I really must dig out my scrawled tasting notes and do a post as well…

  2. philisa ngculu says:

    hey dabs just popped in to see the progress you’ve been making and i see you all doing well love phili

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