April 9, 2017

Sheep Between the Vines

By In Exploring the Languedoc, Photographs
If you happen to own a vineyard – one were you take a more natural approach to its management and allow a high degree of biodiversity – you might like to cosy up to a local shepherd. Allowing his flock of ever-hungry charges to roam your vineyards will save a bundle of work in keeping the cover crops in check. Their droppings supply a whole host of nutrients back to the soil too. And the Shepherd gets a nice enclosed space to over winter his charges. Don’t let them linger for long though; you don’t want them eating the first shoots after the vines winter dormancy.

These contented sheep were spotted at the side of the narrow and dusty B32E2 in the Languedoc. The vines belong to Mas de Dumas Gassac. I didn’t think to ask the name of the shephard.

Sunday Wine Shot: Sheep Between the Vines

Sheep Between the Vines

Sheep Between the Vines at Mas de Dumas Gassac, Languedoc

Haute Vallée du Gassac
34150 ANIANE

Not everyone is a fan of sheep between the vines. An article on ukwines.co.uk quotes my local vineyard owner as being less than optimistic “Everyone I’ve talked to says looking after sheep is a hassle. They spend all their time finding new and imaginative ways to kill themselves. Not easy care like pigs who need nothing more than an electric fence and never get ill. However pigs are not recommended for a vineyard unless you’re grubbing up – in which case they are excellent! They’re also excellent at digging out brambles – they love the roots.

The best headline for sheep between the vines related articles? Ewe Must be Joking!

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