December 28, 2014

Silenius the Roman God of Beer

By In Photographs, Visiting Cava Country
A photo of a print on the wall of the Vinseum of Wine Cultures of Catalonia. I thought originally this was a depiction of Bacchus; ugly brut that he is with what appears to be a crown of grapes.

A little google search however reveals this is actually Silenius in Hortis Ludouisianis (plate 99 in the book Antique Statues of Rome). Silenius is the Roman god of beer. This print appears to be a variation of one engraved by C. van Dalen for the first Dutch edition (1660) of ‘Icones et Segmenta Nobil. Signorum et Statuarum quae Romae extant’ (Icons and segment. Signs and statues which were extant in Rome) by Francois Perrier (1638).

Sunday Wine Shot: Silenius the Roman God of Beer

Silenius the Roman God of Beer

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