December 20, 2016

Speciale Extra Dry Prosecco

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Tis the season for Merriment and Joy. Or in my case over indulging in mince pies and balancing snowgeezers on top of thee same for ‘photographic’ purposes. What we all need is a decent sparkling wine for entertainment purposes. Nothing too expensive, especially if generosity in pouring the wine is our middle name. This bottle of Prosecco doesn’t have a name apart from ‘Speciale Extra Dry Prosecco’. It does however have a classy look that appeals hugely.

So Speciale Extra Dry Prosecco… what can I tell you about it? Damn little if truth be told. It has a 11.5% alcohol level and is described on the back label as

“Off-dry in style, enticingly aromatic, with hints of green apple and a white flowers on the nose. The palate is delicious with hints of pears and citrus fruits”

What it is though is very drinkable. Serve it nicely chilled on its own or with some light canapes. Party sorted! Perhaps, seeing as its Christmas an’ all, you are feeling daring and throwing inhibitions to the wind? Go on… add a little flavouring to the glass.

I’ve been rather enamoured with a cinnamon and vanilla syrup I made for some seasonal cocktails – a glug in the bottom of a flute makes for an interesting addition. But raspberry syrup or limoncello would be grand too. Maybe a splash of Chambord or Vanilla flavoured vodka? Apple juice perhaps or a pour of the juice from a jar of Luxardo Maraschino cherries? So many possibilities.

And where can one purchase this versatile little wonder? Speciale Extra Dry Prosecco has a rather exclusive look about it. An expensive London Wine Merchant perhaps? Nope.

Pick up a bottle from Spar. It is just £9.00.

Speciale Extra Dry Prosecco

Speciale Extra Dry Prosecco

Speciale Extra Dry Prosecco

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