March 18, 2007

Spittoon on WineCast

By Andrew Barrow In Articles
Well that was fun! For the last hour I have been sitting in an internet cafe chatting to Tim of Winecast. Hope he can cut out the background chatter from the gaggle of Polish girls.

The chat, delayed from last weekend, touched on wine writing, its style and evolution on blogs and via Twitter (see the sidebar on my about page), the development of the Cappozzi Winery with Josh, the state of Californian wine exports and more besides. Not sure when it is going live… in minutes according to Tim’s comment on Twitter.

Why an internet cafe rather than from the comfort of home? Because I have never managed to get a microphone, any microphone, to work on my computer… for like the last five years! Geek shame on me.

  1. Rob March 19, 2007

    1) The girls were (and still are) Hungarian and Czech.
    2) It’s not just any old internet cafe matey!
    3) I’ll only charge £17/half hour to fix your mic problem!!!

  2. grapefan March 21, 2007

    Am I missing something here? I regularly download the Winecast podcasts but haven’t come across yours yet. Are there further technical difficulties or am I being dumb?
    Speaking of podcasts, I thoroughly enjoy the 3050 ones. You should get yourself interviewed by Chris Scott.

  3. Andrew March 22, 2007

    It doesn’t appear to be uploaded yet. They normally appear on
    Perhaps I was so atrocious he has binned it!

  4. grapefan March 24, 2007

    You are OK – all the background chatter in the internet cafe wasn’t too distracting!
    I listened to what was said about Twitter having used it for a few days. I’ve now unsubscribed from it as I I found there were just too many entries and it was getting distracting. I’m also not convinced about the usefulness of such a short medium (140 characters?) and I certainly wouldn’t use it as Tim suggested in a restaurant to send comments on the wine – now that’s what I call really geeky!

  5. Andrew March 24, 2007

    If my mobile hadn’t been cut off (ooops, forgot to pay the bill again!) I would have twittered some wine notes from a wine makers dinner last night. Yep, very geeky but fun.
    I have a twitter display on the about page here. Some interesting traffic…


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