April 30, 2017

Stainless Steel at Neotera Cave du Grand Narbonne

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I posted a cropped version of these stainless steel tanks on Instagram a week or so back. The intention was to add the full sized photo here as a Sunday Wine Shot, and finally I’ve got around to doing just that.

Its a prelude for a full post on the Neotera Cave du Grand Narbonne, a large cooperative, just to the north of Narbonne in the town of Ouvelillan in the Languedoc region of France. Taken during a long weekend exploring the Pays d’Oc IGP Gems Collection 2016. This photo was snapped while climbing around, through and up-an-over the extensive stainless steel tanks of the cooperative in chilly, rainy conditions. I have to tell you luging a tripod (Roger, the three-legged thing)plus full camera with weighty lens attached plus sporting a hefty backpack up and down steep and slippy metal ladders across walk ways and through darkened corridors festooned with wine making detritus is mighty tricky. Might tricky, I tell you. No bones were broken in the making of this photo you might be pleased to know. Bruised shins and an aching shoulder were the only injuries… Roger escaped unscathed.

Is it me or have I captured a Cylon or Cyberman head in this shot?

Stainless Steel at Neotera Cave du Grand Narbonne

Stainless Steel at Neotera Cave du Grand Narbonne

Unsure if a general visitor would be given the stainless steel tank tour (how envious are you!) but the Neotera Cave du Grand Narbonne Coop has a large tasting area with plenty of wines to sample and buy.

3 rue Cluche
11590 Ouveillan
Languedoc, France.

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