August 20, 2017

Still Life By Ercole Pignatelli

By In Photographs, Touring Puglia
To be frank there isn’t much to see in the Lecce Castle or rather Castello Carlo V; a few large rooms and on the top floor an historical exhibit on the towns Jews. I took a few minimalistic photos of the interior and stumbled upon an exhibit by the towns most famous artist – Ercole Pignatelli.

Pignatelli was born in 1935 and cites Picasso and Chirico as his main influences. This little still life was one of a couple hanging on the walls that feature grapes. My imagination feels they must be Negroamaro grapes. The image I thought at the time of taking would be a prime candidate for a Sunday Wine Shot. So here it is…

Sunday Wine Shot: Still Life By Ercole Pignatelli

Still Life By Ercole Pignatelli

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