July 12, 2006

Stolen during flight: Indian PM’s whiskey.

By Andrew Barrow In Uncategorized
To be filed in the ‘what were they thinking of’ draw – crew members of Air India 1 (used for VIPs) stole whiskey intended for the Indian Prime Ministers entourage during a flight to Europe…


“Security officials suspect the flight crew of taking the whiskey from the catering compartments, intended for Singh’s entourage during the flight. X-rays of the crew’s baggage turned up 29 bottles of whiskey, five of which were in the pilot’s bags, the paper said. The crew denied any involvement in the theft, saying they had bought the whiskey.
The Civil Aviation Ministry slammed Air India for its tardy response to the incident. “The Air India management takes two months to send a note to the ministry on the serious security lapse that took place on a VIP flight,” the paper quoted senior ministry official Ajay Prasad as saying.”

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