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White Grapes Appeared 3,000 years ago

A genetic quirk just 3,000 years ago caused the appearance of white grapes such as Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, Australian scientist have deduced. It hasRead More

Andrew Barrow
2 Mar
How To Photograph Wine Bottles – 10 tips

How To Photograph Wine Bottles – 10 tips

After a recent rant concerning the poor quality of many images on wine merchant shopping sites here are some hints and tips covering How To PhotographRead More

Andrew Barrow
26 Feb

Men ‘Pretend To be Wine Buffs To Impress’

Now I participate in the YouGov polls quite regularly but didn’t see the survey that this report is based on where one-in-four men try to impressRead More

Andrew Barrow
21 Feb

Gluck on Terroir

God, the guy is an arse. I just hate his pomposity, his ‘this is what I say so it is right’ attitude and his way ofRead More

Chinese Nude Run

At bit late on this one but Police in central China have scotched a wine maker’s plans for a mass Christmas Eve “nude run” which theRead More

Andrew Barrow
6 Jan

Red Wine Is Good For You – Even Better If It Is From Madiran

Scientists in the UK are suggesting that red wines from two small regions, one in South West France, the other the island of Sardinia, have theRead More

Andrew Barrow
30 Nov
Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure

Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure

Well it mad me laugh, even if others are not quite as enraptured. Oz Clarke author (author and wine expert) tramps around France with James May,Read More

Andrew Barrow
24 Nov

Deep Space Alcohol.

Universe Today reports that astronomers have located a gigantic cloud of alcohol surrounding a stellar nursery. The cloud measures half a trillion km across (300 billionRead More

Andrew Barrow
5 Apr

Alsace under Screwcap

That bastion of tradition, Alsace, is to have its first range of wines bottled under screwcap. Oh, hold on… it is not the first wine underRead More

Andrew Barrow
29 Mar
A mention in Olive.

A mention in Olive.

I am sure no one else has even noticed; certainly no one is going to be inclined to blog about it. So I will. Spittoon hasRead More

Andrew Barrow
21 Mar


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