January 28, 2017

The Virgin Holiday Spirit

a rum created based on holiday emotions

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An ambitious project apparently – Virgin Holidays has attempted to “capture human emotions” to create the world’s first bottle of genuine “Holiday Spirit”; a rum that tastes like a holiday. Bow to The Virgin Holiday Spirit.

In a nut shell Virgin Holidays have created a rum blend based on the thoughts and feelings of over 15 million holiday makers via their social media posts. They used a “super computer” to match each emotion to thousands of rum flavour descriptors. This then made a one-off rum recipe. A master rum blender, Ian Burrell, acted as overseer “meticulously replicating the emotion-infusion”…

“The end result is a smooth, sweet and lightly spiced drink that captures the home of rum, the Caribbean”

They used IBM’s “leading artificial intelligence platform”, Watson, to assess the social media posts to determine the predominant emotions felt on a holiday. Watson then analysed over 5,000 rum recipes and reviews to match the emotions to ingredients and flavours. The ‘data deep dive’ delivered a final 5 positive emotions matched against five flavours in the rum reviews.

Happy Emotion > Vanilla Flavour
Excited Emotion > Sugarcane Flavour
Curious Emotion > Cinnamon Flavour
Adventurous Emotion >Allspice Flavour
Relaxed Emotion > Coconut Flavour

The Virgin Holiday Spirit

The Virgin Holiday Spirit

From all this they made just 800 bottles. These are available from nine V-Room retail stores across the UK. These retail concepts feature a fully operational bar that will either serve the rum in a bespoke cocktail or sell as a take-home bottle for £59. The V-Room Locations are at Breahead Shopping Centre, Glasgow, Leeds Trinity, Merry Hill Shopping Centre, West Midlands, Trafford Centre, Manchester, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent, Bristol The Mall, Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock, Meadow Hill, Sheffield and The Metrocentre, Newcastle.

The Virgin Holiday Spirit Tasting Notes
Initial aromas of dried fruits and nuts, with warm spices of cinnamon, allspice and a hint of coconut. Once the rum has opened up you’ll start to notice a touch of vanilla, with a hint of cacao. The first taste of the rum continues to reveal the taste of fruit and nuts, allspice and vanilla. The natural sweetness of the rum quickly disappears leaving a pleasant mouth feel of Bajan spices, dried fruit and caramel. A Medium dry finish with light oak tannins.”

The Virgin Holiday Spirit Red and Stormy Cocktail

Virgin Red and Stormy Cocktail

Virgin Red and Stormy Cocktail

The Virgin Holiday Spirit Red and Stormy Cocktail
50ml Virgin Holiday Spirit Rum
25ml passion fruit juice (about 2 passion fruits)
10ml grenadine
10ml lime juice
Ginger beer

Shake all ingredients, except the ginger beer, with ice. Pour over ice and top up with a decent ginger beer. Garnish with some fresh mint.

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