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wine glasses at the Hotel du Vin Portuguese Wine TastingThe definitive list of UK wine bloggers – no ratings, rankings or popularity scores, just a simple list of those who blog predominately about wine in its various forms.

One non-UK based blog is intentionally in the list due to their growing influence and rapport with the UK wine trade, their marvellous work in promoting social media in the wine field and organising the European Wine Bloggers conference.

Just following half of those listed will give an excellent overview of the UK wine scene – what’s hot, what’s chilling, what’s good down the supermarket…

It would be great for a comment or email altering me to any I have missed, as I am certain to have done. The only criteria is that the blog must be predominantly about wine (sorry Douglas) and be based in the UK or write about the UK wine scene. Each authors twitter tag is also listed.

These are personal blogs only. I’ll look into compiling a list of retailer blogs and winery blogs if there is enough interest and people send me their details.
The UK’s Wine Bloggers:


  1. Peter May says:

    Pinotage Club http://www.pinotage.org
    by me, living in England, blogging about Pinotage

  2. Peter May says:

    Nick Stephens — http://bordeaux-undiscovered.blogspot.com/ detailed interesting focusing about Bdx
    I thought Robert McIntosh was at http://wineconversation.com/ – I didn’t know about thirstforwine. Busy boy

  3. Andrew says:

    Peter, how on earth I could have missed you off the list! Sorry about that… and Nick’s blog will be first on the list of the retailers!

  4. Colin Smith says:

    I’d be happy for you to add me…………..

  5. Why, thank you Andrew! I feel honoured to be in such esteemed company AND there are a few other chick wine bloggers on the list. Great to see! Thanks for the comment on the videos, when are you going to feature in one of mine?

  6. Didn’t someone once say you either have a face for radio or a voice for TV? I don’t have either

  7. Douglas says:

    I’ve just written a wine themed post. Does that mean I qualify, please?

  8. Ian Griffith says:

    You might include Peter Wood at thetastingnote.com for some flavor north of the border.

  9. Thanks Andrew. Came across this post on Miss Bouquet’s blog.
    I’ve been trying to keep a “comprehensive” list of UK blogs up to date for a while on my site. I’ve got over 70 now (quite a shock when I counted them) covering lots of different categories. If you come across any new ones do let me know :)

  10. Hi
    I am disappointed that you missed me out! I am proud of my content and work hard at it and am not selling anything – care to set the record straight?
    Thanks, Quentin Sadler

  11. I’m new so please go easy on me, my blog is simply a diary of my learning.

  12. Hi Andrew
    I would love to be included in your list. I’m a UK wine blogger – perhaps not the most regular, but I am passionate about the subject and keen to get more into it. I’m even thinking of going to Vienna in October for EWBC (if I can get a psss from the OH!)
    Cheers and keep up the great work – always enjoy your posts.

  13. Happy to add you David. See you in Vienna!

  14. Anthony Rose says:

    I hope you will consider my blog for any future such lists. Thanks. Anthony

  15. sarah ahmed says:

    Hi Andrew
    I picked up on this in the blog at http://www.vinography.com and agree that there’s been an ambivalence towards being defined as a blogger among the UK wine writing community. Myself included until last summer! I was persuaded to blog after I met Ryan and Gabriella Opaz of Catavino and revamped my long overdue for a revamp static 10 page website at http://www.thewinedetective.co.uk. And I’m enjoying the creativity of blogging so much that I’m about to revamp it again to make the blog more prominent, which is why you may have missed it! (My website is also home to in depth regional reports pages on my areas of focus: Australia, the Loire, Portugal & S Africa). Sarah Ahmed, The Wine Detective

  16. Andrew says:

    Sarah and Anthony – a pleasure to add you both; those Catavino fellas have a lot to answer for ;-)

  17. Gavino says:

    Thanks Andrew
    I’ve just launched a new version of my blog – it’s still full of irreverent wine nonsense but it looks a whole lot nicer.

  18. Hi Andrew,
    Great stuff and thank you very much. By the way Monty is my nickname, which I have had since I was ten.
    I recently took part in an interview on Radio Oxford about my journey from punk to pinot!I’m a huge music fan.
    People are tracking the whole blogging community at increasing rates and your list has been widely circulated.
    Cheers Neil Phillips a.k.a. Monty Phillips The Wine Tipster.

  19. The list is a work in progress, a couple have been deleted (due to moving over seas or having not been updated for a few months) and several have been added. I’m sure there must be a few more to add…
    Glad people have found it useful.

  20. vinosambiz says:

    Hi, I’ve been blogging about the day-to-day activities related to my wine project for over a year now (organic vineyard, winery, etc). The only thing is, is that I’m based in Spain!!! but I’m a British citizen, dammit! so please include me in your list :)

  21. Jim Budd says:

    Can’t see Tim Atkin on the list:
    but then Tim is quiet, unassuming but I think may well have talent if encouraged…
    Apologies if he is there and I’ve missed him.

  22. Hi, thanks for including me! Could you please make the link my shiny new website: http://www.thegrapedcrusader.co.uk

  23. Over a year on, but… if you update the list, we hope we’ve earnt a place!

  24. Tom Lewis says:

    Want to add in Cambridge Wine Blogger ?
    Cheers, Tom

  25. Hi would you please consider my blog for inclusion on your list? Thanks Charles
    Charles Saunders Tel: +44 (0)7824 415797
    Web: http://www.quaffable.co.uk
    Twiter: @quaffable
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/quaffable

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