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A range of wines, just launched, aiming to encapsulate a more international flavour and create a wine ‘brand’.

I wasn’t expecting much from these to be honest. Another range of cheap Eastern European wines with ‘rustic’ and ‘requires food’ appearing in the less than positive tasting notes. Well I was surprised. The reds were every bit as drinkable and ‘international’ in style as you could hope. You might not try them and immediately think ‘Montenegro’ but then what would but in terms of quality and drinkability they certainly held their own. The whites were less successful. I thought the Sauvignon Blanc might be suffering from some poor wine-making while the Chardonnay, well, just wasn’t that great.

At the time of writing there are no listed UK stockist of these wines. But they are going to be served at Fifpro World X1 player Awards a ‘mega-do’ with 1500 guests.

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Mountain Valley Cabernet SauvignonWine tasting Note: Plantaze Mountain Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 2003, Lake Skadar, Montenegro.
RRP £5.99.
The colour of mulberries and an aroma of spiced blackberries and vanilla. It had a few hours breathing but it is good. The palate is smooth, full with a nice lick of spice and a touch of liquorice on the finish. Plenty of blackberry and other squishy black fruits. Good length. Alcohol 12.5%.
Scribblings Rating – 90/100

Mountain Valley ChardonnayWine tasting Note: Plantaze Mountain Valley Chardonnay, 2004, Lake Skadar, Montenegro.
RRP £5.49.
Now this I didn’t really take to. The nose is a little odd but the palate is fine. Crisp and appley with touches of walnut and pear. Dry, medium-bodied, reasonably good length.
Scribblings Rating – 80/100

Mountain Valley 'K'Wine tasting Note: Plantaze Mountain Valley ‘K’, 2004, Lake Skadar, Montenegro.
RRP £5.49.
With its floral, peachy aroma this was reminiscent of a Leanyka (aka Feteasca). This is a white variety grown throughout Eastern Europe that has similar overtones to a Muscat. There are no details of what grapes make up ‘K’ but its a dry wine, medium bodied, peachy and while soft has enough acidity to balance. Alcohol 11.5%.
Scribblings Rating – 88/100

Mountain Valley MerlotWine tasting Note: Plantaze Mountain Valley Merlot, 2004, Lake Skadar, Montenegro.
RRP £5.49.
Young, vibrant purple in colour. Aroma is a little subdued but gently fruity. Palate is fresh, with gentle tannins and a softness that makes for easy drinking. Medium bodied. 12% Alcohol. This was dunk with puy lentils and sausages in a red wine sauce accompanied with spinach quickly tossed in orange juice and butter. But frankly many foods will go with this wine.
Scribblings Rating – 86/100

Mountain Valley Sauvignon BlancWine tasting Note: Plantaze Mountain Valley Sauvignon Blanc, 2004, Lake Skadar, Montenegro.
RRP £5.49
The nose here is just not right; not for a Sauvignon Blanc. Its not ‘dirty’ but it is not vibrant or fresh either and it is not corked; it is just not right. The palate too is odd – lanolin, minerally texture, pear flavours. An off bottle I feel.
Scribblings Rating – 72/100

Mountain Valley 'V'Wine tasting Note: Plantaze Mountain Valley ‘V’, 2003, Lake Skadar, Montenegro.
RRP £7.49.
The V signifies Vranac (pronounced Vranas) Montenegro’s unique indigenous variety. This version from Plantaze (‘the biggest single vineyard in Eastern Europe’) is rather good. Soft with just a gentle suspicion of tannin. Good texture and distinctive. The wine reminded me of Italian reds with a little bitter twist on the finish. Alcohol 12.5%.
Scribblings Rating – 90/100

Mountain Valley VranacWine tasting Note: Plantaze Mountain Valley Vranac, 2003, Lake Skadar, Montenegro.
RRP £5.49.
Another Vranac – this showing a smoky edge to the deep mulberry fruit aromas – pronounced and vibrant. Sharp red-berry fruits mingle with ripe blackberry flavours – lots of squidgy blackberry fruits.
Scribblings Rating – 90/100


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