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Three Wines From Threshers  Add/Read Comments

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Le Freak Sauvignon Blanc Gros MansengThe cost effective way to purchase wine from Threshers is to buy in threes - thus making full use of their on-going 'buy two get third free' promotion. The prices below are single bottle price.

White WineWine Tasting Note: Thierry and Guy Le Freak Sauvignon Blanc Gros Manseng, 2005, VdP de Côtes de Gasgogne, France.
Available from Threshers for £6.99.
Pea-pods and sweet peas on the nose leading into a smooth, fruity palate. Nice weight and a soft, approachable, highly drinkable style. Melon flavours dominate with a green-fruit edge and a mineral texture. Crisp acidity finishes the package. An interesting blend and a great little wine. Le Freak is produced in partnership with Guy Anderson and winemaker Thierry Boudinaud, the creators of the French wine 'sensation' Fat Bastard.
Scribblings Rating - 88/100

White WineWine Tasting Note: First Cape Limited Release Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, 2006, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.
Listed by Threshers for £6.49.
A pungency here that immediately screams Sauvignon Blanc but it is grassy and straw-like (rather than fruity with gooseberries or passion fruit). The palate is dry, medium-bodied, grass, straw and nettles predominate with a floral touch and, off-puttingly a soapy, rose-like edge. High acidity. Divided opinion on whether it was just a unique flavour profile or just not very nice! Certainly distinctive. For a food match we are thinking asparagus or tomato salads.
Scribblings Rating - 84/100

Red WineWine Tasting Note: Thierry and Guy Le Freak Shiraz Viognier, 2006, VdP d'Oc, France.
Available from Threshers (and the Co-Op) for £6.99.
The red partner to the Sauvignon-Gros Manseng this a more 'usual' blend of Shiraz (85%) and Viognier (15%). A jolly decent drop - rounded, smooth but with depth and 'funkiness'. Bramble fruits and a hint of smoky chocolate. Some of the Shiraz used here is thrown through carbonic maceration to garner greater fruit vibrancy and colour. Both grape varieties are blended and fermented together in order to achieve full complexity of the wines.
Scribblings Rating - 90/100

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Thanks, Andrew! I've weirdly just purchased the 2003 Le Freak Shiraz-Viognier, but your tasting note makes me hopeful this, too, will be good. Thanks for the heads up on Twitter.

Hey Andrew thanks for the Threshers voucher which I used on some Sauv blanc and a bottle of the Le Freak Shiraz Viognier which we really enjoyed at the price. Cheers

No worries Falsailor - glad you enjoyed the wines!

Hum... Im a threshers manager and never tried the le freak.. better grab myself a bottle tommoro... :D

Couple of personal recommendations..

If you looking for a cheap sauvignon blanc give the South American CASABLANCA Sauvignon a go.. £5.99 a bottle (so £3.99 under 3 for 2 - or £3.59 with 40%) - Im generally a Kiwi Sauvignon Fan so when on recomendation of another manager I took this blind to a tasting at a bar I was very surprised when all the customers loved it.. For Four quid a pop its on of the best sauvignons Ive tried (£ for £ - not going to start an argument about villa maria reserve or the loire valley).

Another couple of Sauvignons to give a go..

Haut Pitou (Radcliffes) - £6.99/£4.66/£4.20
As good a french sauvignon as ive tried for the money - have recommended to hundreds of people over the years and they keep coming back for it (and this one was £6.99 before 3 for 2 even started to prove all the doubters wrong that a pound was chucked on all the bottles.)

And if you can find it.. Daisy Rock NZ Sauvignon £7.40/£4.99/£4.49 - A bit lighter than most Kiwi Sauvi's but darn.. you can swig it from the bottle... :D The press fell over themselves about this one when it was released.. NZ for under a fiver...

Red Wise Im on a Zinf spree at the minute, So try ravenswood lodi Zinfandel from the US.. Very meaty and all the zinf flavours youd expect.. Off the top of my head its in the £9.99/£6.66/£5.99 bracket but i cant honestly remember as my head hurts too much from drinking CAMDEN PARK Shiraz/Petit Verdot (£6.99/£4.66/£4.20) - Its got a Huge great bull on the front, and thats exactly what it tastes like.. Very big bold and bullish - not one for the faint hearted...

In return for being accused of just trying to promote threshers (which im not.. just sharing a few of my favourite wines at the moment) will give you a tip... Its not often advertised anymore but if you dont like something you can take it back.. Doesnt even have to be anything wrong with it... Just take it back and we change it...
That basically means when you dont like these four or five wines then take em back and dont wine at me... ;)

The Camden Park I have tried -

but thanks for the other recommendations Dim, I'll be sure to buy then using my voucher (assuming I can get his damn printer to work).

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