July 14, 2009

Three Wines I Love & Three Wines I Don’t

By Andrew Barrow In Wine Notes

luisa friulano white wineIt’s next to impossible to cover all the wines tasted in a blog; time being the main blockage. One of the criticisms thrown at wine blogs is that seldom are poor wines reviewed or discussed. It’s that time problem again – why trouble yourself writing up the never-rans when more interesting bottles dot the tasting note books?

And yet there is a case for a writer to explain why a certain wine is rated poorly; hence this post listing three wines that disappointed on tasting and, in comparison, three wines that ‘made the grade’.

Three Wines I Like:

Red Wine Review/Tasting NoteWine Tasting Note: Château Pessan Rouge, 2005, Bordeaux, France.

Imported by Bordeaux Undiscovered Price: £12.72 [More on Adegga / Snooth]
Enjoyed immensely with a pan-fried lamb sandwich (one of my fail-safe quick dishes). The juicy meat brings out a mouth-watering red berry dimension to this claret. The high acidity in the wine cuts through the fat of the lamb which in turn reveals new complexity in the wine; lovely. Just go easy on the sweet mint sauce (as tasty as it is it will clash with the wine).
Scribblings Rating – 92/100 [4 out of 5]

Rose Wine Review/Tasting NoteWine Tasting Note: Grant Burge Benchmark Rosé, 2008, South Eastern Australia.

From Cambridge Wine Merchants, Amps Fine Wines, Kingsgate Wines, Peake Wines, Partridges, Taurus Wines. Price: £6.49 [More: Adegga / Snooth]
A combination of vibrant Australian fruit, a hint of sweetness and a delightful colour. A crisp finish pulls the smooth, full palate into balance. A lovely rosé. Alcohol 13%.
Scribblings Rating – 92/100 [4 out of 5]

White Wine Review/Tasting NoteWine Tasting Note: Tenuta Luisa, 2007, Friulano del Friuli, Italy.

Stockist: Waitrose Price: £11.99 [More: Adegga / Snooth]
Contains everything I desire in a decent wine – weight, balance, and flavour. A citric edge and smoky hints to the flavour. Lemon and parsley flavours, nutty in a walnut and hazelnut way. A dryness (as you get from walnuts). Good weight combined with refreshing acidity. An intense herby finish with a mineral twist. Excellent. Drank with a simple filo pastry tart stuffed with feta and spinach; a divine pairing. Alcohol 14%.
Scribblings Rating – 92/100 [4 out of 5]

Three Wines That Disappointed:

Champagne/Sparkling Wine Review/Tasting NoteWine Tasting Note: Campo Viejo Cava Brut Rosé, NV, Cava, Spain.

On offer at Waitrose Price: £8.89 [More: Adegga / Snooth]
Decent pink colour, lively bubbles. Sadly smells of nothing and tastes of even less. Offers absolutley nothing. Alcohol 12%.
Scribblings Rating – 72/100 [1.5 out of 5]

White Wine Review/Tasting NoteWine Tasting Note: Louis Jadot Les Climats Chardonnay Reserve, 2004, Burgundy, France.

Stockist: Threshers, Eagle Wines, Kingsgate Wines, Cambridge Wine Merchants, Hailsham Cellars, Vintage Wines Price: £16.99 [More: Adegga / Snooth]
A poor rating for an expensive lightly oaked Burgundian chardonnay? I just didn’t like it. The combination of nutty, green flavours combined with an oaky dry palate just didn’t meld for me. There was some sort of odd detachment between the various components. Tell me I’m wrong!
Scribblings Rating – 80/100 [2.5 out of 5]

And for the third wine? Just about every Pinot Noir from Alsace I have sampled this year (and I’ve tried quite a few following the recent excellent trip through the region).
spinach feta filo tart

  1. Marta Buscar Pareja July 15, 2009

    Wine: I love the Malvasía from the Canary Insel.It´s sweet, but not extremely sweet, is soft and fit good with meat as well as with fish. Wonderful wine!, thanks for your post!

  2. Pepe Amoureuse July 16, 2009

    Grant Burge Benchmark Rosé – perfect for its price.
    Should try Tenuta Luisa. Sounds like good and worth wine.

  3. Winesleuth July 16, 2009

    I find Campo Viejo pretty boring in general esp. when there are so many other delicious wines from Rioja available.

  4. Dylan July 16, 2009

    Your experience with the pan-fried lamb sandwich sounds absolutely divine. You may want to repair the link on it, it seems to be broken when I clicked through.

  5. Andrew July 16, 2009

    cheers Dylan – fixed.

  6. Ambyr Amoureuse July 17, 2009

    I am from France and my passion are the wines so I am agree with you for the Château Pessan Rouge, but I don’t drink it often, for more frequent drinking, I also love Acaicia Pinot Noir– and I can afford that more than once a year-lol


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