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Has Threshers been caught unawares over the 40% Off Voucher? As Rob mentions in the comments to my original post the campaign has now appeared on the BBC website; they report 800,000 downloads for a campaign that was intended for “suppliers and their friends” (yeah, right… if they didn’t want it released why didn’t they say so).
I would just like to say that Spittoon, one of the first to report the promotion after it appeared on gaping void has stood up remarkably well to the visitor onslaught…. today alone I’ve had a months visitors in one day.


  1. Bonnie says:

    Excellent to hear you’re holding up. I know me for one downloaded it twice last night from Spittoon… Yup – had to go back for more ;)

  2. Nik says:

    I have just bee turned away from a Threshers as my 40% off voucher wasnt printed in Colour! I have been told this instruction has come from thier head office, seems an odd way to treat customers when its such an obvious promotion anyway.

  3. Andrew says:

    Not printed in colour… now that is a problem… I only have access to a b&w printer…

  4. josie hallswort says:

    I am a manager for Threshers and this weekend has been manic, can i answer to Nik dont care what colour your voucher is bring it on….. ive had green ones as well as red but people are downloading them 20 at a time, we are according to the coupon only allowed to accept 1 coupon per customer per email address. A slip up from head office somewhere but at at least I met my bonus targets this week lol.

  5. Stellar says:

    Hi, can I just agree with Josie, I’m also a manager in one of the stores and the response has been tremendous. The Company is aware of different printer set-ups and we have been told to accept black and white copies, our District Manager even told us to accept photo-copies. So start printing, as long as they are presented to store by the 10th.

  6. will says:

    Guys guys guys dont bother with the supposed “leaked” voucher it is just a very good piece of marketing. I thought i would give it a go and went in there, priced things up found out that Tesco is even cheaper in any event.
    For example 12 bottles of Moet in Threshers £125 (inc discount) Tesco £180.
    Please pass this on
    Check for yourselves on the net its cheaper elsewhere even with the 40%

  7. Charles Bryant says:

    I used my Voucher in Thresher in Sandhurst, surrey near Dominos. I and my partner popped in having never been in to a Thresher wine shop and we were amazed at the friendliness and how helpful the staff were, even carried all of it to our car, amazing deal and amazing staff, definitely not the kinda service you would get from the likes of Tesco! hats off to the team at Thresher in Sandhurst!!!

  8. csaba says:

    So please pass message on

  9. mrs p jankowski says:

    we only have one threshers in LINCOLN,LINCS and that is on burton road,i went along with my daughter around trip of 15 miles to be told NO they are not participating so he lost out as i was buying 36 bottles,you should explain on the vouchers on line that you print off,i don’t know where my nearest one is now.pauline digruntled as they were christmas presents.

  10. thomas donlan says:

    is there a 40% off voucher out there somewhere, or is this some marketing scam designed to waste everybodys time ?

  11. Andrew says:

    Its not a scam Thomas, the latest 2008 voucher is available for download here
    Check the use by date though!

  12. Nick says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a 40% off voucher for after the 2nd December???

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