April 17, 2017

Two Wines to Try to Celebrate Malbec World Day

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April 17th and the grand marketing exercise that is Malbec World Day trundles into play for the seventh year running. Even if you are not joining in the many events, tastings and Argentinean-focused activities Malbec World Day is a mighty fine excuse to crack open a bottle of red on a Monday. Here are Two Wines to Try to Celebrate Malbec World Day 2017. Argentina now sits as the fifth largest producer of wine in the world; its growth over the years is fundimentally linked to the popularity of Malbec. Even non-wine aficinadoes know Malbec (not the French originals, but Argentinean). A non-wine friend of mine rather astounded me by asking for a Malbec at a local restaurant last week and last month while enjoying a Sunday pub roast overhead a neighbouring table order Malbec as its “friendly and easy to drink”.

“Malbec integrates the DNA of Argentina and, moreover, tells its story. This variety is grown in all the wine regions of the country. 35% of the
hectares planted in Argentina are Malbec and it represents 51% of sales abroad.”

Two Wines to Try to Celebrate Malbec World Day

I’ve picked out two bottles of Malbec that are readily available, not overly expensive and rather joyous. From Morrisons (£9.25) is the Vinalba Reservado Malbec 2014. Its made by a French winemaker in the Uco Valley, up in them-there foothills of the Andes. It has just the right level of plummy, dark fruits and a slither of oak complexity.

Also from the Uco Vally but a notch up in terms of richness, depth and power is the Dona Paula Estate Malbec 2015. Ocado are currently listing this at £10.99 down £2.

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