May 8, 2011

Video: Beer Tasting Masterclass

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Britain has a long history of brewing traditional cask beers, using the finest, freshest ingredients and is unique to the great British pub. With more breweries than ever producing the nectar of all beers, it can be quite daunting knowing how to pick the perfect pint.

Cask Marque’s Annabel Smith is the UK’s only female beer inspector. She’s keen to dispel many of the myths that surround cask beer, such as it being fattening, and just a drink for men and help men and women pick, pour and enjoy a mouth watering pint (or half pint!).

Watch the video where Annabel explains the difference in taste and range of beers on offer. Alongside her is Kevin Steppe, menu development chef from pub restaurant group Chef & Brewer to tell you how to match the perfect pint with the perfect dish.

Video Beer Tasting Masterclass

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  1. Leigh May 10, 2011

    Hey, Kudos for featuring a beer-tasting guide!


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