September 21, 2014

View of Vila Nova De Gaia

By In Photographs, Visiting The Douro
The weather wasn’t really playing along. It was cold, the wind was chilling things down further, and frankly the thought of a cosy breakfast was far more appealing than tramping through the early morning streets of Oporto. Eventually finding our way to this vantage point at the cathedral a few hastily taken photos – this is a panorama combining 4 shots – and a hasty return to the hotel.

Via Nova de Gaia is on the south side of the river, Oporto to the north, which always confuses me as I have it stuck that they are the other way around. So this is looking south towards the Port Houses lining the riverbank and creeping up the hillsides. You can just make out Grahams on the far right hand side – the restaurant has a fabulous view – across to the luxurious Yeatman Hotel (the tiered complex a third of the way in from the left). Not to shabby a view to be honest.

Sunday Wine Shot – View of Vila Nova De Gaia, Portugal

View of Vila Nova De Gaia

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