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Vinappris Wine Shopping Channel screenshotThat huge block of shopping channels on Sky TV have just expanded with the addition of Vinappris. Click through to Channel 663 for a TV station dedicated to selling you wine. It launched last Monday.

Now the sales patter may grate and differs little from the dirge spouted for jewelry, clean products or whatever rubbish they try and flog. (You can perhaps tell I am not a fan of home shopping channels).

But the two presenters I have just been studying actually appear to know what they are talking about. Get through the 'selling out now' and 'how do we offer it at this low price?' and a few snippets about the producer, region or vineyard are provided. Quite entertainingly provided at that. They pull a cork, talk like they have actually been to the vineyard and, poor quality sound quality and live studio stumbling apart, do appear quite passionate about the bottle they are selling.

There is some scrolling red text along the bottom of the screen that I really couldn't decipher - health warnings perhaps or an 'over 18's' message perhaps.

They promise 5 working day delivery and offer a price promise of a double refund of the difference if you find the wine cheaper elsewhere. The accompanying website, where orders can also be placed, lists 155 wines although 300 or 400 is the eventual aim. Registered web-site users are encourage to enter their own wine tasting notes and scores for the wines they buy.

The mixed case of six - their Red Hot Spicy Offer - discussed during my viewing included a Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel 2004, St Hallet Shiraz Grenache 2005 and a Chateauneuf Les Galets Roules 2005. Pricing had me a little confused though. The TV price stated £67 down from £92 but the on-line price clearly states £67 down form £108.

Vinappris states, even though they have just launched, that they were aiming at an average bottle price of £5/£6 but have found £8/£9 is turning out to be the norm. Shopping channels are notoriously difficult to make a profit from so it will be interesting to see how Vinappris develops and if it lasts.

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Noticed you can now watch on the web

I was so disappointed to know about this channel closing down. I only saw it after christmas and have been trying to order ever since by going on the www. I was putting in the wrong spelling but I have eventually found it, only to see that it is closed.
Maybe you will come back someday.

The people who owned Vinappris have closed down the channel and website and have launched a new company called Coloured Rocks selling Jewellery. The website is if anyone is interested.

I must agree that the wines were fantastic value got money, even ordering was a delight and never had a problem with "ANY 12 BOTTLES". You never had any idea what you were getting, but this was the enjoyment. It was a pleasure to listen to them babble on with their platter. If only someone else could do the same again?? COST COST COST . What is the cost and could it work again???? I hope so.

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