April 29, 2015

Visiting Cava Country – Adernats Winery

One of Seven Wine Cathedrals

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Its an impressive building, well worth the title of Wine Cathedral. The Adernats winery was designed by Catalan architect Cèsar Martinell i Brunet and is one of the seven famed cellars scattered over Catalonia. Brunet’s inspiration came from Modernisme and Noucentisme (which is apparently an early 20th century Catalan cultural movement and a reaction against Moderisme). Wine, architecture AND a cultural movement – What else do you need?

Modernisme is a bohemian style closely related to ‘Arts and Crafts’ and ‘Gothic Revival’ and often translated into a term we also know quite well – ‘Art Nouveau’ – and is characterized by the domination of curves over angles and straight lines, asymmetry, copious detailing (often to the point many would consider over-use) and organic symbols and motifs.

Adernats Vinícola de Nulles’s functionality matches up to its beauty. High windows allow sunlight to stream in, thus filling the building with friendly warmth while also decreasing dependency on electricity. The colossal wine tanks occupying most of the building were designed to maintain constant temperatures vital to wine and cava quality. Moreover, the brick arches upon which the wine tanks were built help promote airflow to dissipate carbon dioxide buildup in the winery

What I had forgotten since last years visit, is that Adernats, a cooperative founded in 1917, also produce hazelnuts in some abundance. They make a rather decent accompaniment to their cavas; as you will find out if you visit, take a tasting in their cellar shop and tour the halls of the winery.

Try and time a visit to attend one of the monthly dinners that are open to the public; they are held right up in the rafters of the ‘cathedral’, a rather fun experience. A four hour ‘Night visit with Sensory dinner’ costs 40-65€ (depending on the number of people) and includes candles, music, monks, blind-folded tastings and a sumptuous dinner.

For the 50 Great Cavas 2014 Adernats received a highly prized Gold listing for their Adernats Cava Grand Reserva XC, 2009, a wine offering a wonderful smooth mouth-feel and lingering citrus fruit flavours. Pass the hazelnuts!

Visiting Cava Country – Adernats Winery

Vinicola de Nulles / Adernats
Extacio s/n – 43887 Nulles, Tarragona.

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  1. Meeta May 27, 2015

    I just love the images – beautiful light. Cava is still not as hip here in Germany as prosecco but I’ve always enjoyed it when I’ve found something really good. I am enjoying your series as it is educating me on this!

    • Andrew Barrow May 28, 2015

      cava has certainly lost out to Prosecco in the UK; it is due a renaissance I feel.

  2. Jeanne Horak-Druiff June 2, 2015

    Wow!! A cathedral of wine – now there’s a concept! Gorgeous images (and the cement tanks make a change from the stainless steel ;o))

  3. Rosana June 11, 2015

    Cava and Hazelnuts ! that sounds fabulous darling. Hope we have some nice cava when we board Barrow’s Boat in August. Rx


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