May 31, 2016

Visiting Cusumano Partinico Sicily

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I realise my fellow tour-compatriots were less than enamoured by our visit to Cusumano; the sight of a huge, corporate, edifice contrasts markedly against the small, artisanal, passionate hands-on producers such as found at Porta del Vento. It can put one in a certain frame of mind – the wines ARE going to be commercial, bland in comparison, passionless if drinkable. The perception, even if unintentional, does creep into analysing the wines.

Me? I found the modern, minimalist, designer buildings gorgeous. The main body of office staff work in a long, narrow, glass fronted room that overlooks an equally long pool of rippling water. The clipped grass paths on the other side lead into an equally minimalist tasting room. I have to admit though my photographic hat took precedent over my wine tasting head. I haven’t a clue what the wines were we tasted. But what I do remember, as I took a sip or two between snapping off a shot here and there, were that they were tasty and highly drinkable. I enjoyed them. Isn’t that the purpose of wine?

I’ve done a bit of delving and the prices of the entry level wines are very reasonable. Cusumano produce a large range encapsulating all the grape varieities Sicily offers – international (Syrah and Merlot) in addition to the native (Nero d’Avola, Insolia and so on). Like all producers the premium wines are more expensive (I’ve seen the Cusumano Noa at £22 for example).

The production facility and offices we visited don’t come with vineyards. It also enlivens the senses to drink a wine in or very near to where the grapes were grown. But Sicily is not solely those small producers with a few hectares of vines right outside their door. The Esplora Wine Tour’s purpose is to give an overview of the wide variety of wines, terrain, grapes and producers throughout Sicily. A visit to Cusumano expands this ‘view’.

The Cusumano website has this totally cool interactive video walk though – you can click through to see the office, the clipped green lawn, the tasting room at the back and so on. Plenty of dots to click on and discover (although the text is in Italian).

Photo Gallery: Visiting Cusumano Partinico Sicily

“The irrepressible Diego Cusumano is the man behind this winery’s meteoric rise. Since 2001, ambitious expansion and significant investment have seen production soar to 2.5 million bottles a year, and a strong of awards arrive on the mantelpiece. Diego’s pride in beloved homeland means that local varieties occupy centre stage.” The Wine Opus

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  1. Haley May 31, 2016

    Seems like a fun place to go visit. May have to put this on my bucket list.


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