April 12, 2017

Visiting Domaine la Provenquiere

By In Exploring the Languedoc, Photographs
It wouldn’t surprise me if they have a resident vampire at Domaine la Provenquiere; the gothic pile with its faded grandeur, pinicled towers and spooky atmosphere simply MUST have a vampire. Or a ghost. I can see a ghost sitting on the gilded high-backed seat at the back of the dining table; lamenting, as ghosts do, of past vintages and untapped barrels. Vampires are more sexy though and more in keeping with the crumbly decadence of this Southern French estate. Not sure if, when Visiting Domaine la Provenquiere in the Languedoc, you get to see the rooms we did; but just have a gander at the photos I took. Vampire and ghost territory, right?

The chateau is a work in progress, the delightful terrace out the back has just been dug over for pluming or cabling or somesuch. These two rooms will be restored to a livable state. While they will loose atmosphere they will gain in terms of grandeur and class.

I could have spent hours with the camera in the dining room alone (especially with that recently opened bottle of Cuvee “ACHILEUS” rouge!) or in the connected puppet theatre room. But we were here for the wine. And a wine tour usually involves wine tanks and barrels!

“This castle, dating from the 15th century, successively owned by Jean Provenquier, Marquis de Puisserguier in the 18th, was transformed in its present state by Paul Teissonière, Councilor of Napoleon III, who acquired it in 1860. The Robert family became owners in 1954. The vineyard, with an area of 155 hectares, is spread over 3 communes.”

Visiting Domaine la Provenquiere – the Chateau

We were Visiting Domaine la Provenquiere as one of their wines – the Domaine la Provenquiere Semillon-Vermentino – was selected as one of the Vin de Pays Gem Collection 2016. A yearly changing line-up highlighting the diversity and quality of the Languedocs vast number of Vin de Pays Wines. Of course when visiting you are not going to ignore the estates other wines. The rosé Pinot Gris cried out for some spring sunshine, rather than the grey dullness we faced that morning. Available at the chateau for €5.85.

The la Provenquiere “ACHILEUS” red I was so enamoured by is a blend of Petit Verdot, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Cellar door price is just over €13 a bottle.

“In 1954, Paul Tessionnière’s descendants sold the chateau and its land to Achille Robert, a wine negociant in the small village of Cruzy near Capestang. At the time, the estate owned vineyards and orchards. Since then, Domaine de la Provenquière has belonged to the same family. Achille passed it down to his son Max and his wife Anny. The orchards were removed and the vineyard was extended to accommodate a greater range of grape varieties. In 1994, their two children, Brigitte and Claude, took over the business and in 2015, the next generation joined the estate.”


Visiting Domaine la Provenquiere – the winery and wines

Brigitte et Claude Robert are more than happy to host visit to Domaine la Provenquiere (La Provenquière, 34310 Capestang, France) check their website for opening times.

Totally enjoyed Visiting Domaine la Provenquiere Achilleus; just a tad disappointed I didn’t spot a vampire lounging on that threadbare sofa, glass of the red in hand. Although what is that shadow in the corner, just out of reach of the sunlight???

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