April 13, 2014

Wallingford Bridge and the Boat House Pub

By In Photographs
A rather tenuous link to wine photo for this weeks Sunday Wine Shot I’m afraid. Taken this morning, at dawn, a photo of Wallingford bridge as it arches over the Thames. The photo is a panorama of 8 individual shots, each a long-exposure due to the low light levels, stitched together in photoshop. I only just managed to get down to the river in time before the street lights switched off. A few moments longer and the sun began to rise behind the trees to the left and the mist settled in.

And the link to wine? On the right is the Boat House, a pub. A fine and popular position right on the Thames but sadly not renown for any great quality on its wine list. Think sweet, pink Californian stuff and you are at the right level. Behind the pub is the spire of St. Peter’s Church (mostly used for concerts) also, and luckily, illuminated. Incidentally, the water level during the recent floods reached way past half way up the pub steps…

Sunday Wine Shot: Wallingford Bridge and the Boat House Pub

Wallingford Bridge and the Boat House Pub

After taking this shot I moved further along the river to catch the sun rising behind some trees

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