July 16, 2005

Wasting an hour – a world blog tour.

By Andrew Barrow In Articles
I have an hour or so to spare. How many blogs can I surf through just using the links in each ones side bar ? how many countries? how many new sites can I discover? what are they writing about? all this without returning to the start country (the UK)?

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Starting off in the UK with Cooksister (just to check if the latest eomeote report has been posted ? it hasn?t) whose latest posting is her take on eomeote in a Swedish styli, then off to Amateur Gourmet (USA Somewhere) whose latest posting is something bizarre involving Days of Our Lives, Cinnamon Donuts and mind control serum. No time to wonder what on earth they are on about as next random hop is to A Full Belly (Bay Area) who doesn’t seem to write recipes… so onwards to EggBeater whose latest posting is the Cook next door meme. I Love Sandwiches hasn’t been updated for a while but a link leads onto One Hot Stove and an Indian Railways Omelet Sandwich posting from last May. Over the border at last to Canadia (private joke regarding the spelling) and Pumpkin Pie Bungalow who enters the latest Sugar High Friday with gusto (and a Bolo de Mel honey cake. Our sojourn in Canada isn’t long as back south of the border to another new blog (to me), the simply named Toast who really aught to join in eomeote. Instead the latest posting concerns making cherries in brandy. Oh and then its back up north again for Roast Chicken Reasoning nice photos but limitations to the link department as its Canada only… ummm which one to pick…

Lets go for the The Kitchen Geek who is doing fascinating things with Slaw. Can we escape North America… no as the only link I can find to another food/wine blog is to The Domestic Goddess now everyone MUST have heard of the DG! This month she has done something dainty with honey.

Oslo Foodie screenshot
Oslo Foodie Screenshot.

A separate page for links gives a profusion to select from – hows about Amuse Bouche who seems to be having great fun ‘entertaining’ the Portuguese Painters!

Bored yet? No wine blogs but we are out and across to Oslo to help the Oslo Foodie devour the delicious looking Strawberry Tart (pictured). We stay in Scandinavia for A Cat in the Kitchen who makes some superbly illustrated Elderflower and Champagne Honey Flapjacks for Sugar High Friday.

Hold on to your hats for a fast flight to South East Asia. Umami is writing about foodie-adventures in Kuala Lumpur little time to dilly-dally as time is short, this post is long and we still haven’t hit a wine blog.

My Last Supper is in need of an update but leads us nicely on to ShiokaDelicious and a magnificently crowned Chocolate Cake. Luckily Dave’s Beer links to my good internet-pal Lenndevours who really wants us to Drink Local for Wine Blogging Wednesday. We are deep within the bowels of wine now so a trip to The Wine Offensive (who is happy about inter-state wine shipping changes) and swiftly on to Fermentations as I am running out of time and in desperate need of a coffee…

Tom’s site has plenty of links.. The Silk Road of Wine is chatting about mixing Sauvignon Blanc with Mexican Food although I guess it is not in the same glass. It is all Jelly Beans and Deloach Wine at Vinography and Spanish Wine from the smiling Juice. Magic Rabbits at wine blog Red is Life where an ingredient in red wine helps with heart disease and then… Vittlesvamp who is all agast at Jonny Depp looking a bit effeminate and then Saute Wednesday talks about someone named Blumenthal. Loads of links but time is short… and I haven’t hit Australia yet.. or Hong Kong or Japan or the Philippines… where I know loads of bloggers hang out… but there is a little link on the right to target="_blank">Cheese Diaries who is getting excited about.. well… cheese. And then just by chance I hit the UK. Oh. That was a bit abrupt and unexpected.

The end site is the incredible Exploding Chef who rants rather than cooks but sadly seems to be on a blogging diet since April. Right, lets get the kettle on.

  1. shuna July 16, 2005

    Hello! Thank you for including me on this fast paced journey. What is an “Eomeote”? hope to see you again at e g g b e a t e r.

  2. Andrew July 17, 2005

    EOMEOTE – is the fun little blog-happening-event thingy – End Of Month Egg On Toast Extravaganza. Have a look at the cooksister site for details.

  3. OsloFoodie July 17, 2005

    This post is such a great trip. I say never underestimate a blogger with a little time to spare. And what a handsome screenshot :).

  4. lindy July 17, 2005

    Glad you stopped by. You find me in a bit of a mess and uproar, as I am painting my kitchen.
    I plan to check out the eomeote once I have cleaned up. (Am painting the entire apartment, so this will take a week or so. The kitchen is by far the worst bit, I’m not nearly done moving things out and stacking them on chairs elsewhere.)
    Thanks for the visit and link.

  5. Barbara July 18, 2005

    …and don’t forget New Zealand at the bottam of the world. Unless anyone has a blog coming out of Antarctica.

  6. Dagmar July 18, 2005

    That was nice trip you made! I’m glad that you stopped by :-)

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