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WBW 42 - Just Seven Words  Add/Read Comments

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Wine Blogging Wednesday - Just Seven Words

One show in BBC Six Music (a digital only station that I listen to all the time) has a fun little text message section where you describe what you did last night in 7 words. Amazing how inventive some people are and how much you can imply and impart in just seven words.

Can you see where this is heading?

Before I go further I should just say that I have no idea if this will work. I've not tried it myself. It could all end in tears... but can you sum up that wonderful glass of grape juice you are cradling in your hand using just seven words?

The theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday #42 is Just Seven Words. The wine should be an Italian Red. It matters little really for this exercise what type; but try and find something new, interesting and thought provoking. And get that thesaurus out!

JUST SEVEN WORDS. The finished tasting note must make sense, be grammatically correct(ish), punctuation will help of course. The wine name, type, producer, vintage do not have to be included in the 7. But a reference to aroma, flavour, length, food matching etc etc should be considered. Inventiveness is the key.

I have a feeling this could be trickier than it first appears but it is supposed to be a fun, light-hearted approach to wine.

You should post your tasting notes on Wednesday 13th February either on your own blog or on the Wine Blogging Wednesday site.

PS Don't forget to post your wine picture to the WBW flickr group.

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Sounds excellent ... and I even have an interesting Italian red at home just waiting for an occasion!

FUN! I like the idea, and I will even try to find a bottle of Italian red here in Spain, just so I can join in. Somewhat like finding a needle in the haystack, but I'll give it a go. Do Gabriella and I each get 7? hmmmmm

Excellent exercise for every emerging elite eonophile!

Does alliteration count for bonus points?

What an creative idea! I love it! This one will take some thought rather than hunting for the perfect wine

Why don’t we all just use numbers?


Iterestin idea.

Love the theme, and am looking forward to crafting the perfect 7 word sentence.

Fun topic!

Inventive and inspiring take on Vino Italiano...
I'm in

Italian? Oh, all right... At least I get unlimited punctuation!

Superb idea - practising by seven word comments?

I guess some one needs to say it, you are nuts!
On the other hand I have never met a nut that is not brilliant it seems to go with the territory.. Should be interesting!

My 7 words on Poliziano Rosso di Montepulciano, 2005 on - via Twitter:

Sippin’ Poli’s hedonistic and very cherry docious.

I'll do my best while drinking red wine

Seven words? Italian red? I'll do it.

Do I get extra points if I add a haiku, too?

Are you collecting the urls / wines for WBW #42?

Great idea, btw. Acronyms count as one.

Get it?

Seriously.... should participants email you all info for the recap?

Thanks for hosting!

Totally forgot about sending in the details - please, yes, send me the url!

Hey there,

Just posted my seven-worder here. Thanks for hosting WBW this month! Cheers,



Here are my seven words... in French (I hope that's OK!). This is my first participation to WBW. I hesitated to participate to past themes, but the 7-words is such a great idea, I couldn't resist!


I just posted a 7-word review for 2005 Pio Cesare Barbera d'Alba at my blog.

Here's our entry!

My contribution to this WBW is below:


Hi! I love the 7-word idea!

Here's my seven words... in French!

Hi there,

This is a great idea. Here's my contribution:

Here is my entry for this month's Wine Blogging Wednesday. A lot harder than I thought it would be!


The winehiker's WBW#42 is posted:

Love the captcha, Andrew!

Here's WBW from d547...thanks for hosting!

Hopefully this is how you want my WBW entered. Check it out at:WBW#42

My contribution can be found at

Great theme, looking forward to seeing the roundup and seeing how everyone coped with the challenge!



here is my seven word description.


Here's my entry for WBW! I was inspird by Haiku.

Oops, it looks like I've supplied an incorrect URL, so here's the correct WBW#42 link:


the link in the post this time round. here is my contribution for WBW#42:

My Seven Word Description

Here's mine, just in case you didn't get the e-mail.

I've just posted my 7-word review for Masciarelli Montepulciano d’Abruzzo on Cheap Wine Ratings.

Hello - here is my WBW entry. I didn't love this wine, unfortunately. It's quaffable at best.

Hi Andrew,

Here is the link for our WBW #42 entry:

Thanks for hosting!
Taster B

Hey Andrew,

Jeff from Good Grape here. Here is my seven worder--great theme this month.



Here's my post for WBW #42!

I've been writing & editing copy for years.
This was right up my alley!

Thanks for hosting, Andrew! Here's my seven word review for the 2001 Vietti Barolo Castiglione.


Here's my entry:

Clearly I wasn't the only person thinking Haiku - cheers!

And done.

Hi Andrew,

Yes one of my seven words was a link... cheating?

Thanks again,

My contribution to WBW #42

Here is my contribution in case there is problem with my email:
Andrew H.