February 15, 2008

WBW Just 7 Words – the round-up

By Andrew Barrow In Wine Notes

Wine Blogging Wednesday - Just Seven Words

Luckily my slightly off-beat theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday seems well received; plenty of thoughtfully produced entries.

All the wines (bar a handful) were Italian reds. I’m wondering if anyone can work out what type from the description? I think not…
Rather than listing the specific wines I’ve detailed the seven word note to demonstrate the inventiveness and creational prowess of the participants. Thanks to all who took part. How did you find it – a challenge, serious head-scratching or a bit of frivolous fun?

  1. My entry “Chewed end of a wooden ink pen”
  2. Honest-Food.net “A gulpable feast of cherries and leather”
  3. Vu lu Su : “Rubis Sombre Terre Melon Jeune Aromatique Court”
  4. Journal 23 “Earthy, melon, medium-bodied; needs sharp cheese”
  5. Catavino “Frizzante stone grapes, inoffensive from a mug”
  6. 1 Wine dude : pour, sniff, slurp, cherries, leather, yum! empty”
  7. Wine In The ‘Peg : Tart cherry goodness – fire up the grill!
  8. NYC Wine Notes : “Light. Earthy but bright. Shift Finish. Essence…”
  9. The Wine Hiker : “Decant today, and you will smile tonight!”
  10. Domaine 547 : “Rustic, textured, delicate, strong. Another glass please!”
  11. Tales Of A Sommelier : “Reminds me of Vimto and Wham bars”
  12. My Wine Info : “like your mother-in-law; spicy, tart and sweet”
  13. My Wine Education : “Chocolate, berries delight. Passing time, leathery. Saporous.”
  14. Behind the Vines : “where family pride and good wine meet”
  15. Cheap Wine Ratings : “Leather clad cowboy embraces innocent luscious berries”
  16. Wine Connections : “Two scoops of raisins in every swallow.”
  17. Bloviatrix’s Website : “Salice Salentino Is Too Bitter For Me”
  18. Smells Like Grape : “Victoriana is now and it is rose-scented.”
  19. A Good Grape : “Cherry Trees in Tobacco Field by Barnyard” and “Vintner Makes Production Wine that Tastes Small”
  20. Oenophilia : “Evil Head Cold keeps my bottle corked!”
  21. Wine Lovers Journal : “Brash fruit, bright acid straddle tight tannins”
  22. Wine Peeps : “Excellent! A bright, fruity, robust, balanced steal.”
  23. Joe’s Wine : “Acidic palate Vegetal cappuccino A Cabernet franc?”
  24. Recently Consumed : “Smooth, raspberry, vanilla, drinkable, nothing special, over-priced”
  25. Flowery Song “Inky leather-scented silk. Spiced nuttiness demands Puttanesca”
  26. Doktor Weingolb : “Better than 2004’s — now I taste oak!”
  27. Rouge Blanc : “The Patriots’ Collapse in Super Bowl XLII”
  28. Fork and Bottle : “Thelma, Louise partying with bodacious red wine” and “Drink while reading The Castle of Otranto”
  29. WineCast : “Cherries, earth, raspberries on a dusty highway” and “Raspberries, cranberries, tar and spices on horseback”
  30. Manage You Cellar : “Montepulciano, crimson, fleshy, savory, terrestrial, armonico, persistente!”
  31. Good Wine Under $20 : “Musky flowers perfume this bright, cherry wine”
  32. Indiscriminate Ideas : “Never thought to put raspberries in coffee!”
  33. The Wine Camp : “A wine I could drink every day”
  34. Lenndevours : “Earth, flowers entice. Thin, dirty cherries. Underwhelming.”
  35. Vino da Burde : “Faded Violet Around An Ancient Fruity Abbey”
  36. Anything Wine : “Hey, who put cherries in my campfire?”
  37. Dr Vino : “Acidity, berry, cherry, delicious, earthy, food-friendly, gonzo”
  38. A Food and Wine Blog : “Closed for business – opens in three hours.”
  39. McDuff’s Wine : “Beautifully Articulated Red Berries Evoke Romantic Associations”
  40. Eating Leeds : “It is red and I like it” and “Red berry fruit, a hint of leather”
  41. Wanna Be Wino : “Riding horses through eucalyptus and berry fields”
  42. Just Grapes : “Fruit alive with wit, but classically tempered”
  43. Cork Dork : “Please decant me for dusty cherry magic”
  44. Wino-Sapian : “Prancing stallion Rustic. Man in Armani. Tasting Note”
  45. West Coast Wie Country Adventures : “opulent cherry, rustic leathery tannins, fantastic acidity”

Louder VoiceIn a section of their own are a group from the Louder Voice community. Time pressures have meant that I haven’t explored Louder Voice to any great degree but it seems to be a review site with entires submitted by SMS, webpages and the like. There is a social network aspect to it. Not all the wines were Italian reds but many thanks to those who participated:

  1. ManicMammy : “Berry, baccy, nutty, good value, smooth, quaffable”
  2. ConorONeill : “Friendly but forgettable featherlight softruitlicious strawberry northerner”
  3. Laurence Veale : “Sippin’ Poli’s hedonistic, very cherry docious”
  4. Craig Powell : “Not quite Monica Belluci but very tasty”

And finally those who ALMOST got to play by the full rules. Three entries of Italian-native grapes but grown elsewhere (and one Merlot) :

  1. CookSister : “Cicadas, baked earth, warm purple juice – bottled”
  2. Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman : “Gold medal winner. Pair it with tiramisu”
  3. Jim Eastman : “Three Italian grapes Spiciness, leatheryness, Palate happiness”
  4. Recently Consumed : “Smooth, raspberry, vanilla, drinkable, nothing special, over-priced”

And there you are! If I have missed anyone please leave a comment below with the link.

  1. RichardA February 15, 2008

    You missed my entry:
    “Riunite bows to the true Lambrusco god.”

  2. Sonadora February 15, 2008

    Great job Andrew! And up so quickly. This one was loads of fun, thanks for hosting!

  3. Taster B February 15, 2008

    To answer your question; I found this WBW challenging and fun. My originally summary of the wine we reviewed was two words. Expanding it to exactly seven (not six, not eight), and also choosing the right seven words was quite a process (slightly emotional–lol).
    The best part of this WBW is reading all of the great reviews everyone submitted (and doing it in under 15 minutes)! Thanks again!!

  4. Marta Strickland February 15, 2008

    Oops… silly me for not reading more carefully. I know it might be a little late, but I have updated my entry to include an actual ITALIAN wine I had for Valentine’s Day dinner (day late):
    UPDATE: Apparently I did not read the instructions right, and the challenge was to write about an ITALIAN red in only 7 words. Doh!! Well, through the magic of the internet, I am going to update this entry to include my Valentine’s Day dinner wine, which was actually contrarily very special and very memorable and ironically not as expensive. Barone Ricasoli Brolio Chianti Classico 2003 was a wine my husband and I had at a fantastic lunch in the Tuscan hills. It was actually the least memorable of 3 wines we had at that lunch, the most memorable being a Super Tuscan called Casalferro that the AltItalia authorities stole from us in the Rome airport. Last night however, the wine was incredibly memorable, so without further ado.
    Dark, lush, toasty, complex, better when shared

  5. Dr. Debs February 15, 2008

    Thanks for one of the best WBWs ever. Just reading the tasting notes made me happy!

  6. Robert McIntosh February 15, 2008

    Excellent idea and well hosted. It almost made me want to take up writing tasting notes on my site, but I resisted!
    “Still not tasting wines for blog review”

  7. Carol B. February 15, 2008

    Oops, I think I forgot to comment yesterday.
    “Not a bad ten dollar candle holder.”

  8. monkuwino February 15, 2008

    Hi, you missed my entry: “Deceptive tannins turn my mouth inside out.”
    Here’s the link: http://onewineperweek.blogspot.com/2008/02/wbw-42-14-barolo.html
    Thanks for hosting and doing the roundup!

  9. Andrew Hwang February 15, 2008

    Wow! This is a fast turnaround in posting the round-up. Everybody is so brilliant with their description. Thanks for hosting.

  10. Wine Scamp February 15, 2008

    Oh no! You missed mine too:
    Smoldering pomegranate
    undulates; cherries,
    corseted, explode briskly.
    Great WBW! Very challenging, yet lots of fun!

  11. Amy February 15, 2008

    Love the line up. I sent my entry to you via twitter, It would be great if you could add it.
    http://www.westcoastwinecountryadventures.com/2008/02/wbw-in-seven-words-or-less-2005-gaja-ca.htmlTasting Notes in Seven Words or Less:for 2005 Gaja Ca Marcanda Promis
    opulent cherry, rustic leathery tannins, fantastic acidity.

  12. Michael Mohammadi February 15, 2008

    Hi Andrew,
    Again, great theme and nice job getting this up so quickly. Some really fun and interesting tasting notes in that list!
    One thing, the direct link to my review is:
    The link in your post goes to my main page!

  13. Farley February 15, 2008

    Wow, everyone is so creative and you’re so fast! Great job to all, esp. our host.

  14. Jules van Cruysen February 16, 2008

    Something must have happened to my email – oh well, here goes:
    “Dusty cherries, rustic simplicity feeds the soul.”

  15. Joe February 16, 2008

    a ton of fun, thanks for helping me brush up on my Haiku!

  16. 1WineDude February 16, 2008

    Great stuff – excellent idea, and you set a record I think for the quickest publication of the roundup ever!

  17. Dale Cruse February 16, 2008

    Missed mine also. I liked my wine I did it twice: http://drinksareonme.net/?p=195
    “Paired nicely with Italian Cold Cut sub.”
    “Paired nicely with Italian Cold Cut sub.”
    “Super-ripe fruit, bacon fat, some licorice.”

  18. african vanielje February 17, 2008

    If only all wines were described like this I’d know what to buy

  19. Conor O'Neill February 18, 2008

    Fantastic competition Andrew and thanks for the mention of LouderVoice. We’re doing a big relaunch in the next 10 days which should make it even easier for people to get their reviews visible to a wide audience.

  20. David Crowley February 18, 2008

    Sounds like a fun one, sorry I missed it. Organizing an Italian tasting next week, will see if anything lends itself to a pithy 7 word description!

  21. Margaret River Wine July 22, 2010

    Really nice stuff,
    Well done. I love these types of articles

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