October 6, 2013

Window and Barrels at Senorio de Otazu

By In Photographs
It is rather a cliché in saying that many wineries are temples or cathedrals of wine. Many a pound has been expended on lavish buildings over the centuries, from the grand Bordeaux châteaux’s through to today’s architecturally interesting wineries – all curves or environmentally sound grand statements.

More pictures to come from the recently visited Senorio de Otazu winery in Navarra, Spain. The barrel cellar is an impressive sweep of a hall holding something like 1000 barrels. In one corner this little window, so reminiscent of an English church window.

Window and Barrels at Senorio de Otazu, Navarra is this weeks Sunday Wine Shot.

Wine Barrels, Senorio de Otazu, Navarra

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  1. Esther Garbayo October 8, 2013

    Dear Andrew,
    Really nice photo!
    Just a little misunderstanding, the barrel cellar has around 1500 french oak. Hope you enjoyed your visit to our winery.

    • Andrew Barrow October 8, 2013

      Thanks for the correction, Esther. A fantastic visit – more photos and a write-up to come…

  2. Alexandre Raymundo October 19, 2013

    Hi Andrew! I have recently discovered your website, I am enjoying reading it very much, it has great info! I hope we can begin to exchange some ideas! Thank you.

  3. Jeanne @ Cooksister October 21, 2013

    Oh I love this shot – the colours, the composition, everything. And yes – very church-like!


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