November 23, 2015

Wine Folly A Visual Guide to The World Of Wine

book reivew and explanatory video

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How to encapsulate the world of wine in a more visual way, as opposed to the great voluminous tomes we are use to? Wine Folly A Visual Guide to The World Of Wine is a book totally suited to the internet age – in fact I’m surprised they haven’t launched an app.

What it might lack is a touch of the passion that a great writer can impart. Reducing, if you like, each grape variety to a few dots on a profile chart and a circular chart of flavours lacks perhaps a little of the ardour and feeling that great wine writing can generate. Similarly with a wine region or country – a map, some stats on production size and the main grapes, the climate and so forth all boiled down to a list and some symbols and some arrows.

Don’t get me wrong – I think its a refreshing way to present what can be pages of closely printed text. The internet is a visual medium. Wine Folly A Visual Guide to the World of Wine is just that – a nicely crafted, visual, info-rich, sweep of the wine world.

The authors – Madeline Puckette, sommelier and visual designer, and Justin Hammack described as Wine Folly’s core visionary, entrepreneur and business strategist – are American, as is the website that spawned the book. I cant help but feel that the cost listings against each grape variety haven’t effectively been transposed to the UK. Each grape has a cost symbol indicating “The average lowest price for a decent quality bottle of wine”. For Chardonnay its shown as £10-£15. For Chenin Blanc £3-£5(!). For Syrah £5-£10. For Montepulciano £3-£6.

Sample Pages from Wine Folly A Visual Guide to the World of Wine

I’m having great fun with the book; but the best way to explain how the authors intend it to be used is via the official video (which shows the American cover by the way, not the one used in the Uk) –

Video Wine Folly A Visual Guide to the World of Wine

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine removes the snob factor and simplifies complex information on how to taste wine, how to spot great quality, how to find wines you’ll love no matter the occasion, and much more. Organized so that finding great wine is both easy and fun, Wine Folly includes:
•A guide to wine fundamentals.
•Profiles of the most popular wines as well as those under the radar.
•A section on pairing wine and food.
•A regional section, with detailed wine maps.
•Advice on finding undervalued wines and wine regions.

Wine Folly is for anyone who loves great wine, pros and novices alike. With its candid and practical approach, it is the indispensable wine decoder for the twenty-first century.

Wine Folly A Visual Guide to The World Of Wine is available from Amazon for £12.91. There is a kindle version too.

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