February 19, 2017

Wine Mosaic Saving Rare Grape Varieties

Encouraging Vinodiversity

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You might have heard of Malagousia, a fabulous white Greek grape variety. If you are in the know you might have encountered Lledoner Pelut and Fer Servadou from France. And if you have travelled to Turkey you could have encountered Öküzgözü and Narince. But how about Obeidy? Or Mavrotragano or Moscofilero? Kolorko? All these exceptional grape varieties from countries as diverse as Lebanon, Spain, Croatia, Armenia, France and Spain fall under the Wine Mosaic umbrella.

Wine Mosaic Encouraging Vinodiversity

Wine Mosaic Encouraging Vinodiversity

“The Wine Mosaic project is a non-profit organisation that is championing vinodiversity by protecting and promoting original grape varieties of the Mediterranean.”

With around 30 grape verities accounting for 70% of the worlds wine production the Wine Moasic groups aim it to preserve original varieties by increasing the production of quality wines made from them and to raise awareness and consumption of them. What I find is that while I love a decent Chardonnay or Grenache it is the profusion of these little known grapes, their distinctive and unique flavours, that makes the exploration of wine so fascinating. If these grape varities are lost it would be a tragedy – once they have gone they will be lost for ever. So Wine Mosaic is a fantastic project to support.

Video: Wine Mosaic Saving Rare Grape Varieties

Wine Mosaïc – Presentation of the foundation

Communication medium of the Wine Mosaïc Fondation – facebook.com/WineMosaic

So from this wide and diverse collection what is worth trying? Hunt down the fresh and peachy rosé made from Aubin from Domaine de Lansac in the Alpilles region of France. From Lebanon there is the Obeidy from Chateau St. Thomas, one of the few producers making a single varietal wine from it, rather than using the juice to make araq. I was rather taken with the Alicante, a red, from Domaine Fourtanier, replete with the currant owners grand father on the label.

I was also bowled over for a Clairette from Baron de Montfaucon. Another wine from this producer I adored. I really should try and arrange a visit to the estate…

Photos: Wine Mosaic Saving Rare Grape Varieties

Wine Mosaic and the wines tasted and photographed at the Vinisud 2017 Wine Fair in Montpellier.

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