January 20, 2013

Wine Triptych

By In Photographs
One of the photo forums I post too occasionally set a challenge recently – to take a photo purposely out of focus. With the constant striving for cut-glass sharpness in everyone’s photographs this is about as left field as one can get. But many delved right in with a host of images. Some worked, others didn’t, but at least they attempted something new and different.

Thus the Sunday Snap Shot image this week is my effort at Out of Focus. A wine triptych combining a wine glass, a corkscrew and a wine bottle…

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  1. Chris Blackburn January 22, 2013

    Out of focus but strangely still look fantastic!!

    • Andrew Barrow January 22, 2013

      One comment on the forum was that being out-of-focus gave them a hangover just looking at it! I’m not too sure about the central photo but the other two I rather like. Glad you think they look great though.


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