January 1, 2011

Wine and Drink IPhone Aps

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Seldom a week expires without some email missive throwing an IPad drink ap my way. Sadly by not possessing such a device one fails to see the interest or excitement. They end up in the deleted folder. Then a thought… other people own Iphones! Maybe they would like to read about these aps! Radical…

1) Ikea has a toasting ap. Now a touch late for New Years eve obviously and you might wonder why you would want to virtually toast a fellow IPhone user when the real thing has so much more effect! While the novelty of a background picture that rotates and the drinks contents move according to the phones location the ap offers a little more than that; as this video illustrates… It wont work on the current IPad as this little bundle of magic lacks a camera.

2) Hugh Johnson and his annual Pocket Guide to Wine has been transferred to the iphone/ipad. A review by Gavino illustrates the good points and some negatives… lots of negatives mainly relating to lack of links between notes (a grape variety to producers or regional info) and to external websites. £4.99 appears poor value.

3) The great wine database that is Snooth has its own iphone app. There is a free version but it is with the ‘pro app’ where the image based wine search facility looks most interesting. You take a snap of the bottle, in store/pre-purchase I presume, and the app loads up Snooths user generated reviews, scores and so on.

4) Adegga, the other ‘great wine database’ to which I add various notes also offers the site via a mobile version but this appears to be just a simple search facility rather than offering anything technically interesting.

5) With an inbuilt love of cheese (and wine to accompany of course) ‘Favorite Cheese’ might be useful. Offering a list of 650 cheeses with a suggested match, it seems rather simple and basic for $2.99.

6) Local Wine Events – that great wine events listing site has its own mobile version offering a simple listing of tastings and the option of posting the details to facebook. Also available on Android.

7) In need of cocktail recipes? Absolut vodka offers a free Drinkspiration ap that offers simple details of cocktails. Interestingly there is a Quick Response code for scaning on 200,000 bottles to get the ap quickly.


8 ) That rather excellent book What to Drink with What You Eat: The Definitive Guide to Pairing Food with Wine, Beer, Spirits, Coffee has its own ap “The app comes with a rotating gallery of inspiring quotes from some of America’s best sommeliers and chefs (at restaurants such as Daniel, Eleven Madison Park, The French Laundry, The Inn at Little Washington, Jean Georges, Per Se, Tru and Valentino), and allows you to search by either Food or Drink to find its ideal pairing”. Available for $2.99.

9) Popular Channel 4 show Come Dine With Me, sponsored by Hardys, have an iPhone app that allows fans to experience being part of the show without actually appearing on it. Available to download from itunes for just £1.79, the app features Hardys wine pairing alongside recipe suggestions. Wine tasting tutorials also enable users to act as a true wine connoisseur whilst hosting a successful dinner party. The app also offers fans of the show sophisticated three course meal menu options, the ability to create a shopping list for ingredients, plus a scoring system so guests can rate the success of their host’s efforts.

As a quirky added extra, the app features many classic quotes from the show’s resident narrator, Dave Lamb, who adds his much-loved comedy quips to your very own Come Dine With Me experience. Come Dine With Me

10) NHS Drinks Tracker – as highlighted by BigPinots this is a “great little app” that allows you to find how many units of alcohol are in everything you drink. David’s post on alcohol consumption and recommended units is well worth reading. The Drinks Tracker App is free. There is also a desktop version.

11) Two apps highlighted by Rob on the Wine Conversation blog are a UK Wine Tax Calculator (available for free) and an app, with rather limited execution but great potential, the When Wine Tastes Best app that takes the basic details from the biodynamic calendar and booklet of the same name. Again this is free.

Would love to expand this list – if you have an ap related to wine and drink please do resend the details or if you have a recommendation (for iphone, ipad or android) that is worth the download and sees repeated use and preferably isn’t region/country/currency specific please leave a comment.

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  1. Bigpinots January 1, 2011

    Personally, I’d like a tasting app where I can store notes on wines that I’ve tasted. After a lot of searching (and some expenditure of buying to try), I’ve found a few apps but there is always a problem: either they don’t provide much guidance of writing a note, they require you to be connected to the web, or they combine your notes with others – I don’t want to read others’ notes via the app where I’m storing my notes.
    As a result, I’m working with 2 developer friends to create our own. I’ll let you have details once it’s done but, as it’s a hobby rather than a business, it might be some time coming.
    If anyone else has some comments on how I can make it perfect, please tweet me (@bigpinots).
    Happy New Year Wine Scribbler & all at Spittoon.

  2. wine_scribbler January 1, 2011

    Interesting… is your version going to hook up to a database or is it simply for recording notes, say at a trade tasting? If the latter I’d like easy transfer to my blog and/or snooth and adegga. The time consuming action of searching to find the correct wine in a database is always my bugbear.

  3. Tracy Lee January 3, 2011

    Have a look at my website and new iPhone app that was launched in December- http://www.wineangel.co.uk.
    It has grape variety information, worldwide country information on wine areas, a food and wine matching tool, a blog link for my written and video blog and dictionary, but also the Tasting notes application. This provides you with a complete personal tasting notes record, which is really easy to use and also contains a video on how to use this with simple guidance notes. It works offline and you can store unlimited notes, with the choice of publishing an autogenerated message to facebook, email or twitter.
    I hope you like it- it’s only priced at £1.75 as I want everyone to have access to this and to be able to learn more, build on their knowledge and not be patronised anymore when it comes to choosing which wine they want to drink!
    Enjoy and please let me know what you think- feedback welcome!
    Happy New Year to you all!
    Ps Wine Scribbler and Spitton are great!!

  4. El Dolor January 19, 2011

    I use an app called Wine Cellar that lets you log your wine review locally, share it with my friends on Facebook, and share it with community of other Wine Cellar users. I have been using it for some time now, and have seen it add some useful features over time. I wish it could scan wine label images and fill in some of the information for me.
    The community can be accesed via the app on the handset, and also at http://winecellarcommunity.appspot.com

  5. Sharon January 31, 2011

    It would be nice to have an app which connects to your blog, where you can log your wine reviews and pictures and publish them directly.


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