February 14, 2007

Wine Blogging Wednesday – Box Wines & Non-Traditional Packaging

By Andrew Barrow In Articles
Wine In A TubeIs it the wine snob in me? Why have I never reviewed a bag-in-box wine? Have to admit though that they have this ‘image’, an image that is so much more than just ‘cheap’.
Who buys them? Are they the preserve of those unfussed by what they drink or kept in the fridge for ‘cooking purposes’? Party wines perhaps. I don’t think I have ever brought one. I know little of the market – Stowells of Chelsea I know from my days flogging the stuff as a Wine Shop manager… and doesn’t Hardys of Australia offer a fruit-juice sized carton under their brand name?
It would appear I am about to expand my wine-packaging knowledge as the next Wine Blogging Wednesday has as its theme ‘Box Wines & Non-Traditional Packaging’. Hosted by Box Wines it is certainly going to get me to think outside-the-box (ho ho)!
Any recommendations or other non-traditional packaging I should look out for that grace the shelves of Britain?
(The wine in a tube, Dtour, pictured, is not available in the UK I believe).

  1. sam February 14, 2007

    wine boxes are fairly uncommon in CA, I have never seen one here but have heard they have them at Costco (but my membership has run out), and maybe Target.
    I looked up the tube you mentioned but not available in CA either.
    wish they were more popular then I could have a swig whenever I fancied without having to open a bottle each time.

  2. Alfonso February 15, 2007

    we had the tube at our company, but the wine was tainted…..probably an issiue with the wine or maybe the way they processed it into the container. but it was very tank-ey…we had to destroy a couple of palates worth.

  3. Tim Carlisle February 15, 2007

    I’m not sure whether we can get this in the UK, but in December 2005, I posted on this sparkling wine that comes in a can.

  4. Andrew February 15, 2007

    I guess alternative packaging does have a place in a wine lovers/foodies home – as Sam suggests a quick swig is all that is required sometimes – but the quality issue must be questionable. How can Tim’s champagne-in-a-can compete with the ‘real thing’ in a bottle? I quess that is what this WBW is all about!

  5. Trig February 15, 2007

    My dad buys them, but in fairness it’s an alternative to plonk at £2-3 a bottle which is usually half drunk and half cooked with, Keith Floyd style. But something you may or may not know. My neighbours, two families opposite, both own small properties in the village of Pomerols in the Languedoc (not the Bordeaux one!).
    The nearest town is Florensac and this is the centre of a large area of co-operative grape growers who bring their produce together for wine production. The main wine from this part of Rousillon is Picpoul, which is bottled. But other very acceptable local wine is exported in large boxes. I know this because the neighbours bring back loads in the back of their vans and cars.
    The boxes look to be about 5 times as strong and well-sealed as the flimsy things dad buys from Sainsbury’s. They sit around for weeks and months and still keep the wine in good order.
    Not great stuff – but very drinkable as a table wine, or at least so everyone tells me.

  6. Sobre Vino February 17, 2007

    I don´t know for sure if it’s available in the UK, but not long ago I spotted this, a 25 cl. aluminium bottle made in France.
    Congratulations for your blog.


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