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I feel sure I ran across this site some weeks ago but failed to mention it (so thanks Kevin for the reminder)… Wine Library TV is a daily video show covering wine tastings. Broadcast in Quicktime format the show is hosted by a passionate chap (if slightly annoying) Gary Vaynerchuk. Recent broadcasts have covered Swiss wines, Barolo and Brunello and Californian Zinfandel. Comments and questions can be left on the site. All good stuff and while entertaining the videos are linked to wines for sale in the Wine Library store; although Gary was honest enough to mention that the Swiss wine he was promoting was perhaps overly expensive to the tune of $5. You have to ask why other wine retailers do not do something similar on their sites to promote their products; it certainly beats a hastily scribbled tasting note barker.

UPDATE: what is the biggest annoyance to bloggers? Spam, exactly. While one of the best aspects is the community feel. So ‘Kevin’ when you email the worlds wine-bloggers with the same dumb-arsed link info did you not think you would be found out? We can only assume you have a connection with Wine Library and are trying to drive traffic and thus sales through your on-line store. [See comments on Wine Amateur]. I have removed the links to the site from the original post and no longer recommend anyone visits.


  1. gw says:

    I emailed the principal (Gary) when I received the spam. He sent (a few months ago) a very similar message himself but from his OWN email account. I forwarded his original mail and the spammy email and he apologised profusely (too profusely perhaps..) and said it was his little brother doing the spamming. Anyones guess really. Looks bad though. If it is good then people will come..eventually.

  2. Andrew says:

    His little brother!? Oh well… Thing is if he had just asked rather than hiding behind spam I would have gladly mentioned the site.

  3. Jathan says:

    I didn’t post a link on my site to them for that same reason. Besides, the videos aren’t that great (in my humble opinion) anyway.

  4. gary says:

    Andrew I really am sorry my little brother thought he was being a good bro, I look like an A$$ here and trust me my IT dept and I know all too well how this looks, we are very into the web 2.0 culture, he is young and screwed up, I dont know what to say but I am sorry, and if you watch wltv or read the comments you will see I am an honest man, again I am sorry for what he did, I just found this link and felt I needed to apologize :( stay well and you have a nice site here!

  5. Collin says:

    I got the same email(s) from Vaynechuck, both the one about the vidcast & the same apology response. While I found his vidcasts mildly (I use that term loosely) entertaining, I too chose not to blog about his infomercials.
    I say he is what you guys in the UK call a ‘wanker’. :)

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