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wine rendez vous

Olivier Magny, he of O Chateau fame (which is a France-based wine tastings company) has launched a new website - Wine Rendez-Vous.

Wine Rendez-Vous is a UFO in the world of wine. With short BS-free videos, Wine Rendez-Vous offers you the possibility to beef up your wine knowledge. Our videos go straight to the point - delivering nothing but the essential."

The site has the slightly-irreverent Olivier featuring in various videos. Recent clips include a five minute short offering advice on Pairing Wine with Foie Gras, Getting to Know Margaux and a Trip to Saint Emilion.

Each video is entertaining balancing just the right amount of technical talk with an obvious wine lovers passion. They are all in English.

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Wine Rendez-Vous is a UFO in the world of wine. With short BS-free videos, Wine Rendez-Vous offers you the possibility to beef up your wine knowledge. Our videos go straight to the point - delivering nothing but the essential."

Hard to believe the videos are bull-shit free when the entire blub is full of nothing but BS. WTF does Wine Rendez-Vous is a UFO in the world of winei mean?

It's marketing crap unworthy of repetition in Spittoon -- unless the spittoon is being used for its proper purpose :)

Dear Peter,

I'm surprised to find so much agressivity in your post. I'm not sure your calling my work 'marketing crap' serves any dignified purpose.

All the more so as I doubt you've even watched the videos you are being so condescendent about. Maybe you could have learnt a couple things if you were not so angry?

Trying to do things with a different approach, somewhat fresher and more opened than what's usually offered in the world of wine might not appeal to everybody, especially to the microcosm of wine.

I'll happily take that chance.

For neither do I care about nore do i care for the microcosm of wine. What I care about is preserving a culture that has been threatened partly by the arrogance and the close-mindedness of many in the so called 'world of wine' (which is to me exclusive of winemakers, which are the only real actors of what is otherwise just a vast comedy) and designing a new space in the world of wine, for people who feel like they do not belong in this world.

To me, agressivity and condescendence are a negation of the essence of wine. An essence of warmth, of truth and of conviviality that I'm trying to convey.
With much love, passion and respect - no matter what.

As for the explanation of why I consider Wine RDV to be a UFO in wine, it is simply because it's a site that talks about wine in a non boring way, that it is preented in English by a French guy, who happens to be also a sommelier, who on top of things is less than 30yo and who (despite what you seem to deny) teaches people about wine... for free.

I'm not trying to convince you, just trying to explain my approach.

For other visitors (I guess Peter would not be interested in this marketing crap), you might want to come back next week on we'll be posting soon very interesting interviews with Olivier Humbrecht (Domaine Zind Humbrecht), Jean-Michel Deiss (Domaine Marcel Deiss), Seppi Landmann (Seppi Landmann) and Catherine Faller (Domaine Weinbach).
Just came back from a few days in Alsace. Revigorating!

All the best,

Olivier Magny

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