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Wine Tasting Note: Leasingham Magnus Riesling, 2003, Clare Valley, Australia.  Add/Read Comments

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I don't like this. But is that because it is Riesling or just this particular version. I imagine you are asking what exactly I don't like seeing as Riesling is flavour of the decade amongst wine writers.

In a word: spritz. And in this bottle plenty of it. If I wanted fizz in my wine I would buy a Prosecco or Champagne. This bottle is full of it. To me it dominates the palate; and then there is the acidity....

Wine Tasting Note: Leasingham Magnus Riesling, 2003, Clare Valley, Australia.
Lime and wet-stone nose, pronounced and vibrant. Flavours are equally forceful. Lime dominates with hints of citrus and orange pith. The acidity is high and vives with the spritz to dominate the mouth. Good complexity with an edge of sherbet and unripened pineapple plus a touch of Riesling maturity, with a kerosene dimension appearing on the finish. Dry with a dry, stony finish. Sampled with a light, mixed salad - it didn't work more than a palate cleanser. But I can't get over that spritz; it is not something I enjoy in a still white. If the style is for you then add a few points to the rating. Screwcapped. Alcohol 13%.
Scribblings Rating - 82/100

If you want me to be an impartial taster where personal preferences don't come into play (yeah, right!) then give it a 90. [Leasingham website]

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This entry Wine Tasting Note: Leasingham Magnus Riesling, 2003, Clare Valley, Australia. is under Wine Tasting Notes


I really can't imagine that the winemaker intended it to be spritzy. I haven't tried this particular label, I wonder if it may be mostly for export.

Doesn't really sound like my kind of wine, I don't like pineapple anywhere near my wines. Plus the development of kerosene notes after 3 years seems a bit premature. Acid I don't mind as long as it is focused rather than dominating.

All that said, 2003 was a pretty mediocre vintage in the Clare Valley for Riesling, wasn't nearly as good as 02 or 05 (or 06 from the sounds of things) - I'm not terribly surprised that it didn't go down too well.

I never manage to keep up with vintages - whether good or bad, but your notes certainly explain its mediocrity.

If you do get to try it I would most interested in what you thought.

I totally agree with your comments. I am drinking the Magnus Riesling as I write this, and I cannot find the flavor of Riesling in the wine. I like dry Riesling and SPRITZ, but I don't like this. When you say you taste lime, is it the fruit or the mineral? I say the later. For the price, I prefer the STUMP JUMP WHITE, a combo of riesling and sauvignon blanc.

It was the fruit for me, Barbara. Overall rather disappointing to be honest.

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