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Wine Tasting Note: Montpezat Les Enclos, 2004, Languedoc, France.
Available from Oddbins £7.99.
Throwing Syrah (30%) into a vat of Merlot (70%) makes for an unusual blend, especially from France. But that is the joy of Vin de Pays. My hastily scribbled notes – I was grilling lamb steaks at the time – repeated deep, rich and complex several times. Full-bodied, complex flavours of raspberries and blackberries hoisted above the average with a touch of vanilla oak and a strong tannic background. Alcohol 13.5%. It’s a good wine, people, certainly worth trying with some hunky meat dish – sausages, steaks, autumn stews or as with us, lamb.
Scribblings Rating – 92/100


  1. FrenchDuck says:

    Is there only 1 wine merchant in Henley/Shiplake – or are you on a retainer from Oddbins?
    Plus nice photo, but of a red wine??

  2. Andrew says:

    Point taken but one of which I was aware – I did try and order some wine from the Flying Corkscrew two days ago and have them picked up by my sister who lives nearby.
    Either they haven’t maintained their website list properly or they employ muppets as three of the wines I asked for they didn’t know or recognise. They were to phone back on the others but didn’t. So that sale fell through.

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