March 19, 2007

Wine Tasting Note: Saturday Red, NV, California

By Andrew Barrow In Wine Notes
A dirt cheap, non-vintage red, with a shiny label – cheap Californian plonk – what am I thinking of!? Especially following the wine-box debacle.
Thing is, this Saturday Red, is actually rather good.
Red WineWine Tasting Note:Saturday Red, NV, California.
RRP £5.99 a bottle (on promotion at the Co-op until 25th March at £2.99).
What’s that saying? “Kicking above its station” or some-such. A sentiment rarely deserved. Here though, for just three bloody quid, you get a bottle of damn decent wine – smooth, ripe, rich with huge drinkability. Fine by itself but washed down a rather authentic Moroccan Lamb cous-cous. But hey, who cares? It will go with just about anything. At least the rear label doesn’t palm us off with one of those ‘drink with red meats’ recommendations. Alcohol 13.5%. A blend of Syrah with a touch of Zinfandel.
Scribblings Rating – 92/100

Saturday Red Wine

Saturday Red is a new entry level brand which is aims to be fun, unpretentious and approachable and is already proving to have strong consumer appeal.”

  1. Fabio March 20, 2007

    Sounds good, I will try this fun, unpretentious and approachable saturday red wine!

  2. Rob March 20, 2007

    The saying is to “punch above ones weight”. Nothing to do with kicking or station.
    You asked me about this last night and I told you the correct phrase.
    Also, I wouldn’t say that this was “punching above it’s weight” as it should retail at £5.99. For £5.99 I would expect a wine to be drinkable but not earth shattering! How good would your review have been without that special price tag? Would it still be “punching above it’s weight”?
    Check out these pages for more info on the phrase:
    Also, a quick google search for “kicking above his station” unsurprisingly returns zero results (until they index this page!).

  3. Andrew March 20, 2007

    Well me ol’ mucker if you had wanted you could have tried it on Sunday night…
    The ‘score’ is for the wine at £2.99. If you roll the mouse over the green scribblings rating the value is displayed as 4. I would drop this down a point or two if the retail was at £5.99. So that would bring it down to 88/90 or there abouts.

  4. Rob March 21, 2007

    I could have tried, and I thank you for the offer, but I don’t like to drink at work (even if my co workers indulge!).
    But more than that, I don’t like to share beyond the limits of one bottle!!! There were more than too many there to share the wine around, and I don’t like to be rude (except to you ;)…).
    But, you still got the phrase wrong though, but I salute you for allowing my comment to stand… You are truly a paragon of free speach…. Good egg… Etc….

  5. Andrew March 21, 2007

    you after something??

  6. jeremiah August 28, 2009

    I have been buying this wine for $3.00 a 750ml bottle for the last couple of years here in california at a store called “big lots” used to be “pic n save”. It’s a decent enough wine.
    I like Syrah,Zin, smooth and “fruity” blends…
    It’s all about good and decent cheap hooch!


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