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Tulip GlassesWhat I really wanted to cover for today’s Wine Blogging Wednesday were these pre-filled Tulip glasses. Sadly getting through to the supplier/producer has been a might troublesome. The inter-blog event has alternative packaging (non-standard wine bottle) as the theme.
Apparently they have invested £500,000 in developing these ‘high-strength bio-degradable’ plastic glasses. A person weighing up to 100kg can stand on them without them breaking. The wine inside is either Trencherman Shiraz and Chardonnay from South Australia and Trenderman Rosé from California. Twin-packs are to go on sale in UK stores in about three months, priced at £3.75 a pair.
They would have made a great entry to Wine Blogging Wednesday. Instead I had to make do with this box of rubbish.
Red WineWine Tasting Note:Tesco Sicilian Red Wine, NV, Sicily, Italy.
Brought as a 3litre Wine Box for £11.95.
God its terrible. Sweet fruit initially, simple, then a hollow centre, a whack of tannins and the overwhelming feeling of disappointment. Acidic. Rough. Unbalanced. It appeared about drinkable initially; the sweet fruit dominating but just a small glass in and the tannins and acidity just overwhelmed. Marginally improved with food. Length short and stubby. Alcohol 12%.
It comes in a box but I hope that this didn’t taint the tasting with pre-conceived ideas. Snobbish attitude aside, even though it comes in a box, it is just not very nice. The equivalent of just under £3 a bottle. And you can tell.
Scribblings Rating – 74/100

Tesco Sicilian Red Wine Box


  1. Tim says:

    So how do you really feel about that Tesco Red, Andrew? ;-)
    Too bad you couldn’t have reviewed those cool ‘wine glass’ wines. They look perfect for picnics or smuggling into music or sporting events. The wine is probably crap but the technology is excellent.
    I had better luck with my box; writing it up now…

  2. Andrew says:

    Indeed, shame about those glasses but I don’t think the contents are going to be of any great quality looking at the price.

  3. Rob says:

    And it was a rather cheap get out of buying some decent wine for the members of Henley Movie Club that were coincidentally “treated” to this evil.
    Shame on you for inflicting it on us ;)
    You had better come up trumps the next time you are supplying the wine or there’ll be trouble!
    Expect a case of White Lightning to great you when its my turn!!!!

  4. Tim says:

    I decided to sit this WBW out on the basis that whilst in the US you might get the odd decent wine box, I’m unconvinced you can in the UK – and I can do without 3 litres of mediocre at best wine that I then have hanging around until I can mull it at Christmas and serve to Santa when he comes knocking!

  5. Andrew says:

    exactly the reason Tim that I was looking for cans or the glasses!

  6. James says:

    I invented the PET wine in a glass

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