August 10, 2014

Winery Outbuilding Chateau Mauvesin-Barton

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A photo taken in Bordeaux for this weeks Sunday Wine Shot – rather apt as the group who went on the trip are meeting for a reunion lunch today. This is an old out-building at Chateau Mauvesin-Barton. It was rather a hurried shot (as all mine seem to be) as I was rushing out to get amongst the vines. In retrospect this building holds more photographic potential with the vines planted behind. The faded blue paint on the hopper(?) offers photographic potential and the ivey growing up the side too. I could have spent a good hour on this building alone – I had about 20 minutes in total before we headed off to the next venue…

Winery Outbuilding Chateau Mauvesin-Barton, Bordeaux

Winery Outbuilding Chateau Mauvesin-Barton

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