June 4, 2017

With Greenalls Gin at the Epsom Derby

including four cocktail recipes

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Greenall’s is a gin brand I haven’t given much attention to; although the ready mixed cans act often as the all important ‘train gin’ on long journeys. But Greenall’s has been around since 1761 and they are proud of being “England’s oldest gin distiller”. Its a pretty ubiquitous brand; priced very keenly amongst all those £30 plus artisanal gins. A quick check at Ocado shows its usual price as £14.50 a bottle. While a recent range expansion, the Wild Berry, is at Tesco for just £12.

It is one of those gins that isn’t overly complex; you are not going to worry about throwing it into a cocktail or hiding any complexity by the liberal use of a mixer either.

“Hand crafted by BRITAIN’S OLDEST DISTILLERS Greenall’s gin recipe, created by Thomas Dakin in 1761, remains unchanged from the original and has only ever been known by seven master distillers. Joanne Moore is our current Master Distiller and one of the few female Gin Masters in the world.”

There is a third bottle in the range. Their Master Distiller, Joanne Moore, added three further citrus elements to the original recipe to make the Extra Reserve, sadly, only available through “Global Travel Retail”.

“In 2017, Greenall’s proudly marked a new era in its history introducing a new bottle design to celebrate the rich heritage, craftsmanship and quality of the gin. Inspired by the shape of original gin bottles from the 1700’s, the bottle features premium embossing of the spirit’s birth date -1761- along with the Greenall’s crest, Edward Greenall’s signature and a print of a hand-stitched Union Jack.”

With Greenalls Gin at the Epsom Derby

Greenall’s is a major sponsor of the Jockey Club. Hence me being at the Epsom Derby exploring various cocktails while enjoying the racing. Race goers can enjoy Greenall’s at all official Jockey clubs race courses and festivals including the Cheltenham Festival, Epsom and Aintree at the Grand National to name but a few. As Joanne Moore explained they advocate using lime in a G&T, not lemon, as there is plenty of lemon in the distillation adding more would unbalance the drink! My choice from the various cocktails? The Flora Dora; that Ginger Beer adds a super spicy kick on the finish. The Lime Twist Martini is rather good as an aperitif.

Greenall’s Gin Cocktail Recipes

Greenall’s Wild Berry and Tonic
50ml Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin
100ml Tonic Water (or Lemonade if you prefer it a little sweeter)
Pour the gin over ice, add the tonic water and then garnish with blackberry or raspberry to emphasise the ‘berry’ flavours.

Greenall’s Wild Berry Flora Dora
40ml Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin
20ml fresh lime juice
10ml Raspberry Syrup
top up with ginger beer
Pour first three ingredients over ice in a highball glass, stir before topping up with ginger beer.

Greenall’s Lime Twist Martini
50ml Greenall’s Original Gin
10ml dry vermouth
2 wedges of lime
IN a shaker with ice add the gin and vermouth and stir moderately more at least 10 seconds. Strain into a martini glass, squeeze the oil from a slither of lime peel on top and use it as a garnish.

Greenall’s Basil Smash
50mlk Greenall’s Original Gin
25ml fresh lemon juice
12.5ml sugar syrup
8 torn basil leaves

Muddle the basil leaves in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add the gin and other ingredients plus ice. Shake and strain. Garnish with more basil.

With Greenalls Gin at the Epsom Derby.

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  1. Sally June 4, 2017

    Fantastic images. I must admit it’s made me look more favourably on Greenalls … especially with Joanne Moore in charge. The shot of the shoes… with the fag ends… just brilliant.

    • wine scribbler June 4, 2017

      Thanks Sally… I have to admit that I was in two minds over including that shoe-fag ends shot; I didn’t want to disrespect my hosts and their gin but felt in the end that a touch of humour was required.


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