August 15, 2010

Youtube Drink Advert Videos

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A few moments diversion with two YouTube drink adverts. The first, an American advert for Red Stripe decimates the incomparable 1983 Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood (sound track to my youth etc etc). I mean it is really really crap. The second is far cleverer – Rubik’s Head (or is it Cube Head?) in a rather scary/disturbing way advertising Drench Juicy, a soft drink. The tune is the Gap Band’s ‘1979 funk anthem’ Oops Upside Your Head. I’m sure someone can enlighten me on which Tube station this is filmed at.

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  1. Amy Lou August 16, 2010

    What a great ad!
    The tube station in question is Temple, I believe, on the circle & district lines.

  2. wine_scribbler August 17, 2010

    Temple… well there you go. Thanks Amy


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